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A shadow appears to elongate our existence but disappears when the light is taken away.
Naked Time….. The Ticking Of The Clock

Something that I have learned to love as a caregiver is the simplicity of a quiet house. A number of different times now I have found myself with someone who prefers a quiet home.

All external noise is turned off and from the inside of the home we find ourselves truly appreciating the quiet tick of the clock, the clicking on of the furnace that is automatically working to keep us warm.

The music of the birds and the simplest blessings all disappear when TV, radio and the busyness of the world are allowed into our environment with a push of a button.

Sometimes there is nothing better than being in a silent room and truly appreciating the simplest most basic blessings in life.

In the fast paced world as we know it today, multitasking and hurrying through each day trying to meet deadlines, due dates and appointments is not only an accepted way of life it has become an expected way of life.

The phrase “don’t over think it” seems to be a very popular thought in our busy society. What if though, a moment never really truly happens until we process it through our minds and into our memories. Or in simpler terms “think about it”.

When we go through our days on “auto pilot” multitasking like robots in a routine of waking, pushing the ON button of our favorite form of access to the busy world, as we ingest all of the newest and latest updates and outrages from society, the moments that we are existing in are all being clouded by chaos and confusion.

What if the very reason we sometimes cling to STUFF (for memory sake) is because we never allowed ourselves to be fully present in the moment, so we cling to a reminder as if it holds the same value as the experience itself.

Quite possibly the Wisdom these beautiful Souls I have the privilege of caring for have shared with me is the preciousness of each and every second. It truly does not matter if the clock ticking next to us is an antique grandfather clock masterpiece or a battery operated wall clock. The true treasure is the time we are experiencing. The true naked time…..undressed from current day distractions, news reports, chaos and opinions of doom.

Like a shadow being cast on an object from the light before it, although it may appear to elongate our existence it can disappear in a second once the light is removed.

With Respect, Hope, Joy and Love, Carmela
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