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Deep reflection of thoughts
Where is summer?

I gazed to the West,
then off to the East
And at the palace,
Where all had once lived

Tried to patch it all up
Utter urgency, call my name
Over and over and over again

Fine artwork, this plaster
Fill the walls, & all cracked things
Keep tumbling down, but in memory
All beautifully golden and what not
As a matter of fervid pride
The salty water from eyes,
they haven't subside
You know-
you just cant turn it off.

Another rumble on land
The encumbered tool in hand,
Moving quickly
Cover up, embrace, protect
A hailed grace

I gazed to South, then to North
Oh Heavenly father
Please cease the pain.
Tender is the care I give, I crave
Burns the heart, cools the rage

But the sun, its rays,
I felt rain down
And the sun, its rays,
played across our crowns
Everything in the moment is dismal
Everything in the shakra, a pre-sequel
The sickness- This World- it dishes.
To the peace within the fire
Burning in a fiery dance
My stare sits longingly gazing
Ending a long Summer's day.

Dear Lord, where is Summer?

Where has it gone?
When is it coming again?
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