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Max and Mary don't know their true calling.
Twin Therapy Chapter 6

Max's POV

I waited for second period before calling my aunt.

(M for Max , A for Magenta)

M: Hey Auntie.

A: What's wrong honey?

M: Mary had a break down today.

A: What do you mean?
M: A car crashed in the lake by the school and it was like she was reliving her dreams.

A: I have something to tell you girls when you get home.


A: It's important.

M: Okay. Bye Auntie.

I hung up and walked into the school, heading to my class. What would be so important that she couldn't tell me over the phone. Auntie has never hid anything from us why would she have something to tell us?

*************After school**********************

I grabbed Mary from her friends and drove us home.

"What's going on?"

"Auntie said she wants to talk to us I think she's hiding something."

"That's impossible she would never hide anything from us."

"That's what I thought too but she said she had something important to tell us."

I pulled into the drive way and got out the car as quick as I could. I'd be damned if she wouldn't tell me the truth. I walked through the door straight to the living room and saw my Aunt lounging on the couch like she wasn't about to have serious talk with us.

"Auntie." Mary greeted happily.

"Girls sit down please." Auntie said gently.

I stood at the door frame I was not about to sit down.

"I'll stand."

"Maxine honey how much do you love nature?"
"A lot why?"
"And Mary how long have you been having nightmares?"
"Ten years. Auntie I don't understand.

"Honey you're witches i and our family is our coven."
"BULLSHIT!!!" I shouted.

I was not about to hear lies about my family and myself. I walked out the room and headed up to mine.

"It's true Max and our coven is weakening you need to help strengthen our coven."
I slammed my door maybe she'll be in her right mind tomorrow.
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