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Life being lived in your mind
" Writers On The Storm"

" riders on this world try to discover the reason of our existence on this world with words . From the day we were born , until currently, our lives are still torn from money ,hate, love, and many more. We write to comfort our minds , since living our lives that have been torn , trying to define how we feel deformed ,in words. Not just by what is worn , but how we are attempting to confirm our thoughts that make us feel worn and deformed , then we ask our thoughts, " when will it be my turn"? I feel that I've been held back by what others considered to be normal . How long will it take to stitch the cuts that were sliced open by the rumors that hover over my name throughout the world ? What needs to be done to confirm that my thoughts have been reformed to be able to inform the whole world the reason I was born ? I was born a Cancer-Leo cusp, which has helped me discover what needs to be reformed to help me discover the reason I was born . I won't will not be looked down on anymore from what I was before the time that I was writing , "Writers On The Storm"!

WrittenBy: GeraldGawlikJr
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