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My personal knowledge of life that was learned by the time ive been here

"How Forceful Is Your Self-Esteem"

Self-esteem is what we build our lives on, the foundation that we construct the

understanding of the principles of self-esteem psychology that could be with or by

psychotherapy , schools , organizations , and social institutions of every kind. Self-esteem is

defined as experience that is appropriate to life , plus life's requirements. To be more specific ,

self-esteem is, a) confidence in our ability to cope with what we think about involving life's

basic challenges, b) with confidence in our right to be happy , worthy , and deserving of

entitlement to assert our needs and wants to enjoy the success to our efforts.

Self-feelings in this world depends entirely on what we back ourselves to do and be. From

my personal perspective our self-esteem is unsurpassed with a priceless value of oneself, not

financially, but with the emotional acceptance of others. To be loved by others, one must love

oneself, while viewing your track of life that is constructed with constant change. One must not

allow life's changes to effect the two main ingredients, self-efficacy and self-respect, which

effects one's self-esteem. One must first master the use of our consciousness to successfully

survive. Second, we must learn how to compromise with hurt and anger in ways that will

protect, rather than destroy our processing of thoughts. One can be admired, but yet regard

oneself as worthless. Anyone can raise their self-esteem by making oneself competent by

keeping one's head over water while dealing with life's challenges.

One with the will to accept the challenge of understanding one's own consciousness will be

assertive in handling consciousness itself, which forms the foundation of a superb self-esteem.

With the will to accept hopelessness temporarily can help picking up the pieces to assist in

moving forward conform to an inconsistance of our consciousness. Thinking independently can

motivate our self-esteem in reaching the goals that we set independently. Self-esteem is

acquired, not given or simple to stand by, but can become easily accomplishable, which could

make it reform into a psychological victory. An important part of heroism is the fearlessness of

thoughts with the will to tolerate isolation.

Self-esteem is internally rooted with mental operations, by refusing the imprisonment of

yesterday's choices. One must trust oneself with your own mental processes in your mind. Use

your positive self-esteem as the immune system of consciousness that dispenses resistance,

which strengthens the capacity for regeneration in handling life's challenges. Self-esteem is

consistently an intimate experience involving the thoughts and feelings of oneself, not what

others think or feel, which is the reputation of how we truly discover our true-selves.

Written By: Gerald Gawlik Jr.

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