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short story about a dream.
The White Pasty Man

Sharp ringing in her ears, startled her. This sound suddenly turned into what seemed to be billions of needles raining and pounding to a marble ground and formed an electrifying echo. It was so dark that seeing anything at all was impossible. Paralyzed in fear, she felt the room and world around her turn cold. Her dark hair was misplaced and it lightly caressed her pale face when she began to sweat as she stared into the deep dark void. Abruptly a bright white light peered in her peripheral as the noise she heard grew louder. She somehow found the strength to turn her head towards the open doorway when she saw an utmost eerie sight. It was humanoid, tall, strangely in resemblance to that of her husband's stature. His skin was ghastly pale and he was wrapped loosely in a material like that of rags covered in white paste. It had only covered his upper chest and lower buttocks. The humanoid being, awkwardly stood in the doorway with it's back facing her as the pasty white material dripped to the floor. If she didn't know any better she would say he even looked to have a familiar muscular build similar to that of her husbands as well. In fact it looked like he had tried to form itself to look like him or maybe it was still forming for his stature was very lean, lanky and disfigured. No matter the disfigurement, she was almost in a trance at his looks and similarities of her husband until he turned his head to face her. His eyes were white with no pupils and when he opened his mouth suddenly the same electrifying sound grew to be so loud it almost made her eardrums quake and once again "Fear" returned to her as quickly as a killer returns to make his last kill. She started breathing fast as he stood with his eyes piercing deep into her soul. He looked as if he was about to make a move when her husband awakened her. "Baby?" she said as she gasped for air. "Yes?" he acknowledged. "Oh okay… Good." She said as she was relieved that her real and true husband was lying safely beside her. She then calmly turned over and went back to sleep.

April 22 2013....
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