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I wrote this based off of a dream that an acquaintance of mine had.

"I don't think so!"

The city was still. Vacant. Deserted. Dead. Some buildings stood strong but weathered, whereas others had crumbled to the ground. It felt as if it could have been post-apocalyptic. He walked down the lifeless highway and found a subway hatch partially pushed open. He forced it the rest of the way open and climbed down. An old subway train set stopped inside a tunnel. As he walked towards the train, he heard screams from inside. He cautiously approached the rear of the train, as the screams grew louder. Peering through the back window of the train he choked back vomit as he processed what he was seeing. There were dead everywhere. The entire subway was littered with dead and the dying. It appeared as if small demonic creatures were attacking and feeding on the living as they ripped them apart. He was taken aback and startled when a man appeared before him in the window. Screaming in sheer pain and agony, the man's skull began to split open as a demon burst it's way out. It jumped out at the window and he fell backwards. He got up and ran. He ran with all his might, then looked back. He awoke. In his dream like haze he saw his walls melting and twisting into what appeared to be a portal. Demonic creatures were fighting to get out. In the name of Jesus he rebuked 3 times. Then he felt something with very dark power, pushed through the barrier's and through his flesh grabbing his jaw bones and spoke in an utmost eerie of voices "I don't think so!" With that, he pushed against it with all of his strength. He felt immense pressure as he pushed. He struggled for unending moments until he found his way to the light switch. He flipped the light switch finding the room was empty.
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