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500 word scene in which Aden attempts to seduce Gwen.
         The small brass bell above the door of Terran chimed. Gwen looked up from the textbook spread open on the counter. Her breath caught at the sight of the slender man striding toward her. His steel gray gaze swept over the room and fixed on her. She swallowed the lump of nerves gathering in her throat as he reached the couther and rested his kahmir clad forearms on the solid wood counter top.

         “Good morning, Gwen.” His lips curved into a smile revealing perfect white teeth.

         “Good morning, Mr. Black.” Gwen squared her shoulders and smiled up at him. “How can I help you?”

         “Gwen, please, call me Aden.” He leaned forward and spoke so only she could hear him. “You can have lunch with me.”

         ‘Sorry, habit.” Gwen backed away from the counter. “I have to mind the store.”

         “Ms. Terran’s not here?” Aden glanced toward the door way leading to the back of the store.

         “Small Business Owners’ luncheon.” Gwen said.

         “Right, my father is there too.” One of his well-manicured finger tips tapped her book. “I thought you were on break.”

         “I am.” Gwen rest her hands on the book and drew it toward her. “Just reading ahead.”

         “You always were a good student.” He mused as if they were encountering each other after a long time. His gaze raised to the shelves behind her. “You’ve made some new figures.”

         “Yes.” She sighed as she followed his line of sight to a figure of a red headed figure clad in a floor length green robe. Strands of clay hair curved outward as if blowing in the wind. A metallic glaze denoted the shimmer of silk on the garment.

         “May I take a closer look?”

         Gwen sensed his eyes on her as she moved to the shelf and collected the figure. She closed the book and slid it aside. Setting the figure in front of her, she maintained a gentle grip on it.

         “She looks familiar.” He chuckled as his gaze shifted from the figure to Gwen’s face. His fingertips grazed the outer edge of her ear as he tucked a fly away strand of her hair. “Perhaps if you let your hair down?”

         “Aiduin.” She felt her lips move and the whisper escape her mouth but did not understand why she spoke the wrong name.

         “Gwen?” He did not seem to notice the slip. His hand cupped her face and his thumb caressed her cheek.

         She stepped back and turned away from him. Her hand trembled as she set the figure back on the shelf between a Prince and a man with bull horns.

         “What inspires you?”

         Her braid whipped behind her as she spun to face him. “My dreams.”

         “Oh?” He leaned forward with interest. “Perhaps you could tell me more over dinner?”

         “I’m engaged.” She raised her left hand to display the diamond adorning her ring finger.

         “For now.” He shrugged and turned his back on her. On his way out the door he paused and glanced back over his shoulder. “Things change.”

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