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This is a free form poem about loss and death. Like my others, I wrote it quickly.
We were going to see Sunset Boulevard.
I remember how much
you loved old movies,
and thought I'd surprise you.
That was a perfect night.

The love in your heart shined bright
like cloudless moonlight during midnight.
Your dress a bright hue that
accentuated your sky-blue eyes.

We went inside, and I could tell
that exciting thoughts were
dancing through your head.
You pulled out your polaroid
camera and took a picture of us.
The picture came out perfect.

Inside the theater room.
Middle center, your favorite seats.
Above you, shot the shafts
from the projector light.

You laid your head against my
shoulders and at then I knew
that with you, there
was no end in sight.

I can still feel you here
Like you never left
Like you never gave up.


You aren't gone. This is a sick joke.
Playing with my emotions like a marionette.
You had your friends tell me you left,
when really, I know you will come back home.

I went to visit you...
The room, bright but mysteriously dark.
I tried to talk, but you just ignored me.
Instead, your attention set on the heavens.

The tubes from the machine
stuck in your arms in a feeble
attempt to postpone the inevitable.
Alarms rang loud alerting everyone
in the area that you were gone.

I came home and ripped
our living room apart.
I'm sorry if I destroyed
anything that was yours.
I wish I didn't break that
picture of us at the cinema.

The house is quieter
without you here.
Rooms previously
filled with joy
Shatter to broken memories
of a time far better.

The bedroom feels lonely,
our bed empty without you.
Covers pulled over my face,
crying on one of your blouses.
Not saying a word.

My silence speaks volumes.
I had just spoken to you minutes before.
You sounded happy.
Now you're leaving me behind
to wallow in my own silent pain.

I smelled the clothes you accidentally left behind.
I hope you don't mind.
The scent took me to a better time.
Before you were sitting on my mantelpiece.
my mantelpiece.
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