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A love story of two teens from two different world
In a small village in Thailand,there lived a couple.They were very nervous as they just moved from Canada to Thailand because of financial issues.After a few months a little girl was born to them.She was named Ella because her mother was obsessed with Cinderella when she was a little girl and it was no change to Ella as well.As she grew up her obsession became more stronger.though her father told her that there was no such thing as ‘fairy tale in real life’ but she always believed that magic existed.Ella grew up to be a beautiful girl,she was pale like snow,her lips and cheeks were pretty like roses and had a voice of an angel.Her beauty wasn’t the only gift she had.She could sing and dance she was like an actual angel.She had talent to do pretty much everything.Though Ella was gifted with almost everything there was one thing she always wished for and that was to move to USA.She had always dreamt to move to U.S.She said that miracles existed and that one day she would have the chance.(That is all for now I will post the rest next week)
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