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A love story of two teens from two different worlds
After a few years, on a Sunday morning when Ella decided to check on her savings, she was surprised to know that there was more than enough money for her stay in the U.S. She then decided to ask her parents if she could go but they refused. Ella was heartbroken. Despite the resistance from her parents, she decided to book a ticket anyway. She left a note at her table saying ,“I know you guys did everything for me and I do love you, but I just can’t sit here doing nothing and let my dream be a dream. I am sorry DAD and MOM,I am leaving”.
Later on she packed her stuff and went to the airport. She felt happy and sad but at the same time she was proud of herself that her dreams are gonna come true. While she was going through the security,she received a call from her mom.
Stay tuned to know more. (I will post the rest when I get time,thank you for reading)
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