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by CyPhi
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Prompt: Write a daydream. Make us smile.
There wasn’t much happening as I jumped from the skyscraper. No whizzes or whirs of delight. Visions of what I should have had for breakfast or how much was left in the parking meter. I only saw what was rushing toward me, or rather what I was rushing toward.

Life does flash by. Not like dreams or psychedelic awakenings, but this everlasting freedom like after a birthday or a nice night out with friends. The sunrise looked especially beautiful, the pavement just as enticing. I had 4 seconds to make peace with the world, 4 seconds to come to terms with relationships lost, conversations without resolve, and hopes never realized.

I spun around to see my reflection in the windowed scraper. Just like a flip book. One floor after another. There I am. There I go. Here today, a pile of bones later. I could have done better. But did I?

Then it hit me.

Standing above the city, I looked down an envisioned what it would be like to jump. Then I looked over at my family gathering for a photo.

“Get closer, come on!.

I stood in frame, my arms around my family, and then heard

“Say freefall!”
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