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You know how a Woodpecker is right, they are always noisy.
A Woodpecker, flying through the forest
Flying high above the trees
Little woodpecker, brave like no other
Making a home inside a tree
Colourful woodpecker, singing like no other
Flapping the wings in a beat

Pecking on the woods, with your strong beaks
Holding on the tree, with your sharp claws
Though Pecking on the woods, still aware of the danger
Pecking hard on the woods, making a wonderful home
Tiny woodpecker, working hard like no other
A colourful woodpecker, making home before the storm arrives

A woodpecker, looking for safety in the forest
Aware of the danger within the forest
Little woodpecker, making a home inside the tree
Aware of the hunters in the forest
Brave woodpecker singing loud, making a home and fast
Aware of the predators in the forest
Colourful woodpecker is truly wise, making home before the storm arrives
Oh little woodpecker, a wonderful home you have made.

Word Count 152
Lines 19

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