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...a dream
         I was at band camp and had wandered into another part of the camp where worms were upon me, burrowing into/under my skin. I was constantly trying to remove them---throw them off---like trying to swat an infestation of relentless biting flies or mosquitos, a losing battle.

         I remember asking others for directions---how to get back to the "right" part of the camp where I was supposed to be... and everyone seemed dumbfounded that there even was another part to the camp.

         Worms represent death. Though some people are actually infested with burrowing worms while alive, usually it does not happen until after we die and our flesh is rotting.

         I believe the wrong side of the camp was hell. No one knew the way back because there is no way back, no way of escape from hell.

         The right side of the camp was indicative of heaven. Hence, the "right" part of the camp.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

         I had this dream Saturday/Sunday (night through morning), August 25/26, 2018---a weekend when my A/C had been out since Thursday, August 23. I was frustrated because I live in an apartment complex with an emergency maintenance number for such things as no A/C, flooding and the like. I called the number every 15 minutes at 7:30 p.m. after arriving home from a meeting. My call was not returned for and hour and a half.

         When my call was returned, word was that they would be there first thing the next morning to fix it. So I just pretended it was like after a hurricane when there was no electricity and opened all of my windows---even though it was hot and humid here in Largo, Florida.

         The next day maintenance men arrived promptly to remedy my A/C problem. I asked them to watch for my two cats and to please close the doors and windows before leaving and went to work, confident I would come home to fully-functioning A/C. My thinking as to closing up the apartment was if the A/C was on, I didn't want all the doors and windows open.

         I arrived home at about 1:00 p.m. and it was still hot and humid in my apartment with no functioning A/C. My two cats were there alone. Maintenance had closed up my apartment and clearly abandoned the job site---likely for lunch, but it was after a "normal" lunch period.

         I called the front office to check status---when I might expect them to return and finish the job. In the meantime, it begin to sprinkle rain. First I was told the maintenance men were still at lunch. Then I was told they were staying away because of thundering and lightening.

         Someone---one man---returned to my apartment a little after 2:00 p.m. He said the unit was defunct and it would be Monday before another one could be installed. [They had wasted six hours. During which time, clearly, if they had called a professional, I would now have A/C.] In the meantime, the abrasive woman from the front office also arrived with a key to another unit at the front of the complex.

         I had to transport two cats and my belongings to the front of the complex, which is in a high-traffic area---a busy road. I decided to take my cats first---one by one---and then come back for a few pieces of clothing, etc.

         I carried my older cat---who does not like to be carried anyway, especially when in a strange environment, likely a reminder of visits to the vet. It was difficult to hold him and unlock the apartment. As I almost lost him completely---he could have been killed on that busy road---I discovered the keys did not work. They had given me keys to the wrong unit. That's when I lost it.

         I went back to the car with my cat and swung my car out of there like a mad woman and back onto the busy street and into the office parking. I went in and threw the key onto the floor and asked them to please give me a key that actually works and to make sure that it works by opening the door to the apartment and have it open by the time I got back over there.

         Thoroughly upset, I decided to go back to my own apartment and gather some additional items while I waited for them to take care of getting the right key, making sure it worked and opening the door to the unit at the front of the complex.

         I was steaming, scratched up and bleeding from my cat. When I arrived back at the unit at the front of the complex, another woman---much nicer---was there to greet me. However, I wasn't in the mood to be greeted. I said, "Can I be sure I am not going to have a problem with this key over the weekend? I don't want to be locked out." She assured me there would not be a problem and told me she had turned on the television for me. (Like that was really going to make things better?) Between clenched teeth, "I told her, I hate you guys."

         When I finally got us all moved in, my older cat ran out the front door and I had to catch him. My cats were traumatized. The younger one stayed behind the couch until I went to bed that night. It was Friday. I've had him since he was so small he had to be fed formula with an eye-dropper. He never hissed before. That day, he hissed five times.

         Well, I am a Christian. I knew my behavior was not becoming of a Christian. So it was a rough weekend as I tried to get my heart right, come clean with God and make amends for my actions.

         This, I am sure, was why I had this dream.
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