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Harry reveals the gender of his and his fiancés baby in the middle of his show
"Alright." Harry said, trying to shush the crowd. "As you all know, my beautiful fiancé Y/N is here tonight!" He smiled and pointed at you and then you popped up on the big screen. You waved and the crowd went wild. Harry chuckled and said "And you all probably know that she is 5 months pregnant." 'Yeah!' was heard throughout the crowd. "Well, I know the gender. She doesn't." Harry said and you were shocked. Suddenly Mitch walked up to Harry and handed him a white envelope. "In this envelope, inside here, is the gender of our baby OR babies." He smirked at you. "Now, I'm gonna open the envelope and tell you the gender. I know what gender the baby will be." Harry smiled and slowly ripped open the envelope. He pulled out a piece of paper and looked at it, smiling happily. "Drumroll please" He said. Harry looked around the crowd and then averted his gaze to the paper. "And... The gender of our baby is..... A GIRL!!!!!!" He yelled in the microphone, a wide smile splitting his face in half. You jumped around, hugging your parents, who were there as well, Gemma, Anne, Robin and your older sister. You had tears cascading down your face. You turned around to be met face to face with Harry. You lunged at him, wrapping your arms and legs around him and kissing him passionately. You stayed like that for a while until Harry had to go back on stage. After the show, you went out to celebrate (without alcohol). It was the best day of your life.
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