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An expansion of the classic rhyming riddle
Railroad Crossing!
(for my friend, Evan Knott)

Railroad crossing, watch out for cars!
Try to spell that without any R's.

It can't be done, it's just not fair.
Don't you see? There's an R in there!

In here and there, both near and far,
can you spell those but not use an R?

I don't see how, it's still unfair;
I always need an R somewhere!

Somewhere, nowhere, right you are,
spell them now but leave out the R.

I'm overcome by all these R's;
I haven't spelled one word so far!

Over, under, or try elsewhere,
can they be spelled if an R's not there?

This silly game has gone too far;
I can't spell words without an R!

Phrases and words, try if you dare,
now spell these with no R anywhere.

You ask a lot, too much to bear.
Now I see R in my nightmare!

Terrence G. Fisher 2019

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