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A kid dragon trying to explain their situation about living with humans.
I am just a small dragon,
I’ve been new to this world for a while.
Wherever I go I get these awkward stares,
I don’t like these humans giving me these harsh glares.

People treat me like I’m dirt,
Humans act like they’re better.
I can’t tell if you’re better if all you want to do is make people hurt.
We try to act “civilized” and try to be no greater.

I’ve had to sometimes take the hits that are regarded with my kind,
Find that people who have fear have nothing to mind,
That hurting what they don’t understand is helping.
Well who has it been helping then?

We act the way humans want us to act in society,
The humans don’t care.
“We’re just animals.”
They think.

“They don’t have a place in society. We are the kings of our world!”
They think.
And we do something that shows our respect and our superiority to the humans.
We get back up and we don’t start fights.

If we show violence they can use it against us.
How many hits can you take because I’ve had enough.
I’m sick and tired of getting up and living through a nightmare.
Though I’d rather live this nightmare than being cuffed.

How can you be free when the rest of the world never lets you be?
Free doesn’t mean having the ability to go outside and look at the world.
Free means you can be who you are without having to be judged by others.
I didn’t come to live the world I do now just be judged by the scales I wear.

I didn’t ask to live by these rules,
To be shamed each day just by how I look.
And I’m only a kid, think about how much my parents are going through.
We asked to have peace with these humans and know that we will not harm them.

You know what we got back?
A sack of crap and a load of bologna.
This isn’t peace at all.
And I know that all humans do not act the same.
Though it’s hard to see the fine line when all you humans just pour down like rain.
No matter what though I will see my life through.
Whether the road is squeaky and clean or bitter and dirty.
I will make the days better whether they are black or blue.

Life is changing. Maybe you should too.
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