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It's the Paradise in the skies!
First stop, Camp Sabros. I have traveled outside the city like Manila (the Capital) and Cebu (the Queen City), but I have never thought of my own hometown, Digos City in Davao del Sur, South of the Philippines. So, I'm going to write my first travel blog dedicated to my hometown.

I know how erratic the weather is in many tropical countries. Mud is everywhere when it pours. You may find yourself get stuck on thick earth. Well, that's why they discourage non-4-wheel drives going to the mountain.

Camp Sabros, is located in Sitio Barras, Brgy. Kapatagan. It is a 2 to 3-hour travel from Davao City, depending on the traffic condition. However, from my house, which is in the city center, it usually takes one and a half hour travel via van at the old terminal.

From the Digos City monument "Welcome to the Lion City" which is in the Diversion Road. We took the right road leading downtown. Then we turned right again to the first road we saw going to Kapatagan. We stopped at the Sitio Barras Checkpoint and hiked up to Camp Sabros. You can actually choose a motorcycle or have a horseback-riding experience till the top reaching the camp, or just simply hike or walk while chitchatting with your friends.

They offered some impressive packages that would fit your budget. Tandem and cable ride, rappelling, zip line for 380 to 820 meters long, and other extreme activities.

A camp nestled atop on the cool lands of Kapatagan (which literally means "plain lands", but ironically it is an elevated and mountainous area in my hometown). At the foothills of Mt. Apo (literally means "the Chief"), the highest peak in the Philippines, you can see the breathtaking panoramic view of the said dead volcano, covered by few clouds, but still sits proudly like a king.

I wish I could show you pictures here, but you can also google it up.

I actually have an abnormal fear of heights. I feel like leaving my soul in heavens while taking the zip line. Since Camp Sabros was the first known to have zipline adventures in the Philippines, it was declared as the highest, fastest and the longest zip line in Southeast Asia. However, because of its popularity, zip line camps around the country came out like mushrooms after the rain. I still love my hometown's natural environment for zip line and other extreme mountaineering activities. Just wow!

For more information. You can google it and find detailed instructions on how to get there. Well, that's the convenience of the Internet.

However, you might try this:




Other facts:

Digos is a semi-urban city, but full of natural resources and mind-blowing scenery. Try hiking to Mt. Apo, discover the Lakes in the mountains, and witness the variety of endangered species of both animals and plants. After ziplining, you can enjoy the scent of pine trees more while going to Kublai Millan's (National Artist) Agong House. Check out Brgy. Goma which has the most number of mini falls in the country. Taste our mangoes, in which Digos is named as the Mango Capital of the Philippines. There's no place like home indeed.

At the end of the day, though exhausted, I went home smiling with pride.

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