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The reflection of a lack of love
I do not tell a lie when I say I’ve never been in love.
Only a partial truth.
I’ve never fallen truly, madly, deeply.
I have tripped though.
Parts of my heart crumble off like a cookie drenched in milk.
I am not stingy with my emotion, I give it freely.
Though not entirely.
Which is better, living without a heart because you’ve given it away,
Or living with one so full of holes
That it looks like a puzzle with half its pieces missing?
No, I’ve never been fully enamored with a single soul
But I do lose bits of myself in other people.
Many of whom do not even know what they’ve stolen from me.
I do not fall in love like I’m falling asleep.
I fall as if I'm drifting in and out of daydreams
Each one of them different
Each one of them leaving as soon as they come.
I usually do not notice that I am falling until it is too late.
Until the object of my affection has washed their hands of me,
If they even submerged themselves in the first place.
One day this will be the end of me.
I will keep falling and falling until I have hit rock bottom.
I’ll keep giving until there is nothing left.
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