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by vapid
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in a world of simple black and white, a shade of grey can let the mind go into flight.
The eyes of justice look away,
the day turns night and night turns day,
constant Cycle of stupid,corrupt and evil,
the king’s court thrown into upheaval.
From blackest nights to brightest days,
the ones who stand out in the turmoil are always grey.
People so mundane like thoughtless sheep
seem to emerge successful from the writhing heap.

In the blinding sun or the midnight black,
the monochrome man takes a crack;
no royal purple nor pastel pink,
just a new shade of grey to make you think.
The monochrome man never misses his mark,
his words and ideas dig deep and tear up the heart.

From peace to war and from war to peace,
the powerful people’s minds never cease.
Paranoia rolls like an inevitable storm
as ideas of assassination begin to take form.
Can you feel the sleepless nights,
no time to sleep while thinking of fight or flight.
How simple it can be to continue on,
it’s kind of pathetic, I mean the fact I’m gone.

in the rays of the end or the cool, calm night air,
the monochrome man makes them aware
that black and white is not all there is,
more to life, a new way to live.
The monochrome man lacks no heart,
he slinks from the light back into the dark.
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