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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Action/Adventure · #2183443
Your girlfriend shrunk you and wants to fulfill your fantasy. But can you handle it?
         It was a Friday night. You just pulled into your girlfriends drive way. It was the weekend and you are planning on staying the night. This weekend was special because you and your girlfriend will be home alone. Your girlfriend Maddie has been your sweetheart for a while. She is about 5’ 2’’, blonde hair, big ass, pretty big boobs, a cute face, and is overall the dorky, but sexy type of girl.
         You walk in to be greeted by her dogs. After taking off your jacket and shoes, you walk further into the house. You can see Maddie’s bedroom light on so you walk in. She is standing there pointing something at you. Out of nowhere, you shrink down to 2 inches. In shock you look around only to have her bend down and grab you.
          Turned on by her sexy body, because she is in nothing but a sports bra and shorts. Maddie says to you, “Hey babe. What do you think of my new toy for us to play with?” You can’t believe it. You’ve always fantasized of being shrunk by Maddie, but never thought it would come true.
          “How did you do this?” you say.
          “I met someone who told me I could do it,” she responds, “anyways. You want to watch a movie?”
          As you were watching the movie, you sat between her breast. You were loving this, and your fantasy felt true and fulfilled. Then the movie changed a bit, the mood turned to romance, and a sex scene turned on. You could feel Maddie’s heartbeat picking up, and that’s when you noticed her fingers slowing rubbing her pussy. You had a bad feeling about this. She kept going and started to rub faster. That’s when she grabbed you and into her panties you went. The worst part, she shoved your feet up her ass. She started to rub her pussy again. She was nearing her climax and you could feel her asshole expanding and contracting, sucking you in. She was moaning and then finger pushed you in really deep. You were up Maddie’s ass. You could feel her fingers through her asshole wall. She was in full pleasure mode. It stunk so bad inside her ass. You could hear Maddie moaning when she then told you to start squirming. Hoping to get out sooner, you obeyed. You had always fantasied if seeing her ass while you were shrunk. But being inside of it was a whole new animal. As you were squirming inside You began to notice little pieces of shit were on you. This place was gross.
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