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A girl who forgot her past meets others who seem like her. What is going to happen?
A girl blinked in the freezing rain. It pattered gently on her head. Her first thought was danger! She looked around and saw she was in a circlet (neighborhood). A sign next to her had strange symbols on it. The girl peered at it, then reached out her hand to touch the sign. Doing so, she saw in her hand a small slip of furm (paper) that was now slightly damp. Opening it, there were more symbols and also a small picture.

A door unlocked behind her and she whirled around, tensing and getting ready to run. The door opened and a portly woman probably around the age of fifty appeared in the frame. The woman looked concerned and spoke, asking the girl questions. “Are you all right sweetie?” The woman asked. “Where are your parents?”

The girl opened her mouth to speak, but nothing came out. In fact, she had no idea how she got here. She looked back at the woman, confusion in her eyes, and the woman sighed. “Come on in; I’ll make you some hot cocoa,” the woman said. “You can call me Gran.”

The girl nodded and stepped inside, wondering what “hot cocoa” is. As she came in, Gran kindly asked her what her name is. “I... I don’t know,” she managed to croak with a shaky voice. “I don’t know much, really.” She looked down at the slip of furm in her hand and wondered if she should give it to Gran. Might as well, she thought, and turned to Gran.

“G-Gran? I do know something,” the girl said. “Here.” The piece of furm was handed to Gran and she took it, studying the picture and symbols. Her jaw dropped and her eyes grew wide.

“B-but...” Gran said softly. “It looks like you but... it can’t be!” She looked from the girl then back to the furm. “What does it say?” The girl asked, her voice growing stronger.

Gran closed her eyes and breathed slowly, then replied “Your name is Angel. And according to this picture, you can fly.”

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