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Rated: E · Fiction · Action/Adventure · #2187610
What happens when the tables are turned, and someone from another world ends up in ours?
"Lance! Hey, Lance!! What are you up to?"

The soldier grabbed the young man as he was just about to exit the door, his arms full of books. Even though the young man wore the robes of a wizard, he was more of an academic, since he didn't really have any latent talent for the wizarding arts.

"Huh?" the young man replied, "Oh, Drake, it's you." He shrugged. "Not much actually. I just figured out some of the most interesting things."
"Yeah?" the soldier-Drake- replied.
"Did you know that each weapon leaves a particular impression on a person?"
"Huh? what are you talking about?" Drake looked puzzeled. It was nothing new, but Lance tended to go on quite a bit about some of the strangest things. This just happened to be one of those times. He was common born, unlike Drake was, but he was probably the smartest person that Drake knew, which was really saying something, since Drake himself came from a long line of wizards and warriors himself. Lance however, was something of an oddity. No magic to speak of, but if someone was having trouble with a spell, or something wasn't quite working right, Lance was the one that could usually figure out the reason for the failure, and even find ways of improving the spell. He also had the keenest sense of observation around. Nothing could get past him. It's one of the reasons why he, as a low-born was in the castle. The king wanted to make Lance one of his top spies, but, well, Lance was something of a bumbler when it came to spycraft, though he could hold his own extremely well with the sword, knife and even barehanded. But solving mysteries is something that Lance was particularly good at, especially when magic seemed to fail. He could find the proverbial needle in a haystack, in a field of haystacks, and he has helped the castle guard many times in finding criminals that had tried to get away with various crimes.
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