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Dialogue between a Honey bee and a human about what's causing the die off.
I went outside
to get some air;
When I saw a honey
bee flying unaware.

He buzzed my head
just for a bit,
landing on my leg
looking to sit.

For some odd reason
I could hear his words;
He was asking me about
the flowers and herbs.

He sensed most things
were still doing fine;
But he wondered about,
the flowers this time.

He told me he has
flown all around;
Yet searching real hard,
not much could be found.

I asked this bee
what was he searching for?
I was told it was pollen
but they needed much, much more.

This bee looked
at me so dejected,
as he peered up at me
and just reflected.

He spoke of others
that are now dropping.
I told him it was the pesticides
but they weren’t stopping.

His beating wings started
slowing, which came to
a stop; Making my heart
ache, wanting to drop.

For if we lose
our honey bees;
We humans die off,
from hunger and disease.

And who will now,
inherit this Earth?
When we, as humans,
did not see its worth.

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