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No such thing as fixing a person, man or woman. Don't even try.
Just Be Yourself.
No such thing as fixing a person,
man or woman.
Don't even try.

Just be yourself.
There's a different fit for everyone.
No one is the same and no one should be.
No one should change the essence of who they are for anyone [men or women].

Just be yourself.
Accept me for what I am, as I've accepted you for who you are
because I like being me and you like being you.
Be who you are and not what someone else wishes you to be.

Just be yourself.
Grow and learn with each other.
If someone needs fixing, they're broken
and most likely can't be repaired.

Just be yourself.
No such thing as a perfect man or woman.
It's a fantasy, even to those who think they have found it.
It's perfection only in your mind, not in reality. Perfection is a lifeless, mindless, unfeeling machine.

Just be yourself.
If you want to fix someone, look in the mirror first before you do.
You probably need more fixing
than anyone you're trying to impose this on.

Just be yourself.



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