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Personification of a Gargoyle
Laughter of the Gargoyle

Here I sit, on top of the world
Concrete sculpture, of the underworld
Witness to the craziness, down below
No notice afforded me, from the passersby
While I watch over my human menagerie
Perfect view of quite the zany show

Channel changes, with each new view
On the edge of my seat, stuck like glue
Bizarre entertainment, at its finest
Waiting for the daily drama to unfold
Like creatures in a zoo, that got paroled
Making me laugh, like a pack of hyenas

Such comical antics, of the human kind
The stories I tell, will blow your mind
They fight for the chance, to take a ride
In a yellow banana, of the automated type
Miss their ride and they begin to gripe
Filthy words uttered, as I sit ringside

Just today, I witnessed a mugging
The nasty criminal, came out slugging
To my way of thinking, she had no chance
Frail and feeble, she appeared to be
Laughed so hard, I began to pee
She took him out with one slam dance

Weird little creatures, on the corner they dine
From my perspective, on nourishment of swine
Burnt worm on a stick, their favorite fare
Proudly dipped, in baby poop and blood
If it were me, I'd rather dip it in mud
Such culinary vulgarity to see, I swear

As I sit in my spot, one final thought
Theses loony souls, just need to be taught
Good manners and exemplary behavior
By this gargoyle, hanging out on the slope
With one mighty roar, they'll run like antelope
Justice from the dude, with his act all together

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