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For my wife of twenty six, caring years.
Whenever gazing into your beautiful eyes,
I see undying love and unending, bright skies.
Witnessing such beauty, it becomes indescribable.
Words fail to express, it's virtually indefinable.
A pure magic so true, I am enraptured, endlessy deep.
Shining enchantment are you, embracing me as I weep.
The loving, sugary sweet, touch of your spirit...
A sweetness, I solely desire to be with it.
With only you, forever.
Pretty blossom, so true.
My sweet love, I'll never
wish to be without you.
Magically blue,
oceans of care are you.
Beautifully true,
protective waves, deep blue...
Cherishing all that you do.
For you and I,
the brightest sky...
Our magic's so high,
it'll surely never die.
Weeping into your skies,
sorry my love
for my hurting eyes...
Your mourning dove,
my torn life, I die.
High, bright above,
your skies, I'll fly.
My truest blue,
endlessly deep, are you.
Safe embracement of the sweetest love...
Your enrapturing, beautiful skies, above.
Deeply, it's you I love.
So very true,
Erica, eternally I do.

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