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A young woman needs help from her wife, friends and dog to pull off her stuck boot.
Twenty-five year old Betty Watson had just returned home after a long and stressful but still successful day at work and said, "I can't wait to get those boots off, relax and put my feet up," and she then tried to pull off her left boot but was absolutely shocked to discover that it just wouldn't budge.

The curvaceous young brunette, who was a pink t-shirt and a short dark blue skirt that stopped just above her knees with black tights said, "That's strange," as she then grabbed onto her boot and pulled and pulled with all her strength for several minutes without any success until she said, "Oh, it's just no use, Sally, could you please come in here and give me a hand, my boot is stuck."

Betty's wife Sally, a thin blond quickly ran into the room and said, "Don't worry honey, I'll happily pull it off for you, it's probably just being a bit stubborn," as she then grabbed onto the boot and pulled and pulled with all her strength but still it just wouldn't come off as she suddenly lost her grip and tumbled backwards onto the carpet.

The young woman said, "Wow, this boot is completely and utterly stuck, I think we need more help," as she then called her best friend Rachel and her next door neighbour Abby, who both burst into laughter when they heard the situation but arrived as fast as they possibly could.

Sally then grabbed onto her wife's boot again and said, "Don't worry Betty, it's definitely going to come off this time, I can just feel it," as Rachel pulled Sally's waist while Abby pulled Sally's waist and even Baxter, Betty's dog grabbed onto the hem of Abby's short red skirt to help pull.

The young blond said, "All right everyone, Pull," as the three women and the dog pulled, tugged and heaved with all their strength on the extremely stubborn boot, which finally came off Betty's foot with an extremely loud POP sound.

Sally suddenly lost her grip and she, Rachel and Abby ended up tumbling backwards into a heap on the carpet as Baxter looked on.

The young brunette said, "Thank goodness for that, it's finally off, I've never been so happy to see my left foot," as she hugged and kissed her girlfriend before hugging her friends and Baxter, who licked her face before thanking everyone for helping her.

Betty then sat down and tried to pull off her right boot but it just wouldn't budge and said, "guys, I think this one is stuck too."

Sally said, "Here, we go again," as everyone began laughing before she, Rachel, Abby and Baxter began pulling on the extremely stubborn right boot.
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