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by Rae
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About being sad at the state of the world and wishing I didn't have to worry about it
No, I have not been living under a rock. In fact, I am painfully aware of the world around me.
Our planet is dying.
Politicians are liars.
People are being murdered for fighting for their rights.
It seems like the sickness of greed has finally wormed its way into the hearts of too many important people, and nothing can stop it from consuming all that it can, leaving nothing but an empty, lifeless husk. Maybe it has always been this way, but only now it feels that I am old enough to truly see the madness the world has to offer.

A recent biology field trip made me extremely envious of my test subjects. You see, we were surveying mollusc species that are found in various environments; vegetation, in soil and under rocks.
The slug that was adhered tightly to that rock had no idea that on the other side of the world, a human-caused forest-fire was destroying hundred-year-old forests. The juvenile scorpion (that we were delighted to have found) was unaware of the corruption that is rotting my country’s government from the inside out. The snail with the pretty spiral shell did not know that the person who was picking it up was filled with fear for the future.
They did not know, and they did not care. Because they had their rock. Their stable rock, that was always there to protect them.
Oh, to be a critter, and to be living under a rock.
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