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While trying to relive her childhood, a young woman accidentally gets herself stuck.
Twenty-five year old Stephanie Watson was out walking with her dog Toby,a bulldog when she spotted the tree trunk she used to love climbing as a child and went over to have a closer look at it.

The curvaceous young brunette, who wearing a short dark blue dress with white polka dots, black tights and a black leather jacket over the top of it looked at the tree trunk and feeling spontaneous and nostalgic, decided to climb it one last time and received a concerned look from her dog, who knew this probably wasn't going to be end well.

"Oh, come on boy,what could possibly go wrong," said Stephanie as she placed her bag beside the tree trunk and began to climb up it, which took a bit of effort due to her figure.

The young woman soon reached the top and said, "I told you told do it, Toby," as she walked onto a large branch which made a loud creaking sound before suddenly breaking.

Stephanie briefly fell before suddenly stopping and noticed that her dress was caught on what was left of the broken branch and tried to unhook it but it was stuck and tried to grab onto another branch but that didn't work either.

The young brunette then remembered that her phone was in her bag down below and realised that she had no other options, said, "Toby, I think I'm stuck, could you please go and get help," as the dog then placed his right paw over his face in disbelief at his owner's predicament before running off to get help.

Stephanie couldn't believe that this was actually happening to her and loudly called out to passers-by for help but they just took pictures and laughed at her.

He quickly found Stephenie's best friend Penelope and convinced her to follow him after pulling her skirt in the direction of the tree trunk.

The young woman quickly arrived and burst into laughter when she saw her best friend's predicament and said, "I find you're too old and curvy to be climbing trees, although I love your panties by the way, very cute."

Stephanie then realised that her underwear was showing through her tights and quickly tried to pull down her dress to cover them up.

Penelope said, "What on earth am I going to do with you," as she then climbed up the tree trunk and tried to remove her best friend's dress but it just wouldn't budge then climbed back down and, "It's no good, it's completely and utterly stuck."

The young woman then asked her best friend, "Penelope, grab my hands and pull, don't ask why, just do it."

The extremely confused Penelope did as she was told and pulled and pulled with all her strength while Toby pulled the hem of her skirt as a RIP sound was suddenly heard, Stephanie suddenly came free,sending her and her best friend tumbling backwards into a heap on the grass as her dog looked on after letting go of his owner's best friend's skirt.

"Thank goodness for that,I'm finally free," said the young brunette as she helped her best friend back to her feet and hugged her before hugging Toby, who licked her face and thanked them both for rescuing her.

"It was absolutely no problem, I think we should probably go shopping unless you want everyone to see your pants," joked a laughing Penelope.

Stephanie then realised that the back of her dress had been pulled off and quickly used her black leather jacket to cover it as she and her best friend began laughing at the ridiculousness of the entire situation as they went to the mall with Toby to replace the dress.

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