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by CrossX
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This poem is a dedication to my Lord
Love isn't Lost

Darkness surrounded my soul
But God is making me whole.
I was always running from the past
This time, I am facing it at last!

Letting go of the bad, and keeping the good.
forgiving myself, when I have misunderstood.
Crying is helping me release all my grief
Because holding onto to it, makes my mind a thief.

My life should be a celebration from birth till now!
And the milestones I have achieved; somehow?
Sadly, some people, don't make it through!
and they check out before their time is due.

My prayer tonight is whatever you are going through,
You will know there is a God who loves you!
That you will see he is gentle, caring and kind.
and you are always on his mind.

By Samantha Fifield

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