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Just a short snapshot of Christmas in my early life.
Christmas in the country may not seem like much but there are a lot of things you won't find in the city. I know because I was raised in the country and for a long period in my life, I lived in the city. When I came along, a lot of the roads were not even paved. It was a different time. A time when most people were poor. There were not a lot of gifts or toys at Christmas but we had something more, knowledge of what real Christmas is. It was about family but more importantly the birth of Christ.

We waited all year, not just for the gifts but for those parties and family gatherings. I remember we dressed up in our finest dresses and went to my grandparents' house Christmas Eve. It was a formal event. My paternal grandmother was quite unique. Everything had to be perfect in her eyes. From the perfect Christmas tree to the polished silver tea set that sat on the antique buffet. The table was set and dinner would soon be placed on it.

After eating we would adjourn to the family room for tea, coffee and the giving of gifts. Funny, even then I didn't care that much for gifts. They were just things. It was the time together that was special.
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