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by sup
Rated: 18+ · Fiction · Fantasy · #2217300
A guide for navigating through the strangest continent ever to come into existense.
A guide to some of the inhabitants as well as the kingdoms of Saga.

Based off my works of it here: https://transformansion.proboards.com/

Links to
 Adventure in the Land of Saga  (18+)
Become Royalty or those whisked away on an adventure through a strange land.
#2217302 by sup

Sage: The supreme ruler of the Central Kingdom and all of saga as a whole. She possesses infinite power and has existed since Saga's creation by her hands. She is an immortal ruler. She is depicted as a woman who looks in her late 20s to early 30s. She wears white robes and has long cyan colored hair. Her true origins are unknown.

Royal Characters Characters who were born on Saga and into the nobility of the royal families of each kingdom.

Lady Victoria
Occupation: High Priestess and Ruler of the Holy Kingdom
Age: 24
Personality: A young woman who, like most of the people of her kingdom, seem to worship Sage as a goddess and are willing to do anything to please her and uphold her rules.

Lady Tsu
Occupation: Yokuzuna and Ruler of Sumo Kingdom
Age: 29
Personality: Caring and usually having a large hunger but a strong body. Though her size does make it difficult getting in and out of doorways.

Occupation: Queen of Blueberry Kingdom
Age: 19
Personality: Recently became the queen after her father grew too large to fit on the train way. She is kind and caring and polite even though she is a giant ball of juice.

Occupation: Tribal leader and King of Wild Kingdom
Age: 40
Personality: A large lion anthro who commands with seriousness and a willing to protect his tribe from invaders. Loves to battle

Occupation: King of Nerd Kingdom
Age: 29
Personality: The young intelligent ruler of Nerd Kingdom, a kingdom the weak, smart and albeit a little dorky. However his intellect has gotten him in trouble due to how he believes he knows better than everyone, including Sage. This leads to trouble a number of times.

Occupation: Queen of Amazon Kingdom
Age: 31
Personality: A strong confident amazon warrior who has spent her time fighting in the jungles of Amazon Kingdom. She has a strong dislike for most men but is extremely kind only to women no matter which kingdom they come from.

Occupation: Maestro of the Music Kingdom
Age: 61
Personality: The creatively minded ruler of the Music Kingdom, with the sharpest sense of hearing in any of the kingdoms. He values musical creativity, but is an incredible perfectionist, and flies into a rage if a melody isn't just right.

Occupation: Queen Bee of the Bimbo Kingdom
Age: 25
Personality: Only recently named Queen, Mimi is more interested in shopping, fashion, and gossip then actually ruling her kingdom. She isn't the brightest bulb in the lightbulb box, but she is compassionate, and does at least TRY to rule when she has to.

Beach Queen Lola
Occupation: Surf Champ of Seaside Kingdom
Age: 29
Personality: A laid back who enjoys the sights of the beach more than the inland areas and a gifted surfer. She tends to be very protective of the beach and the sea in general.

Occupation: Queen of the Star Kingdom
Age: ???
Personality: The ruler of a kingdom where all the stars in the sky have taken on a personification within its borders. Andromeda is a mysterious individual who has ruled since Saga's founding. She knows all of its secrets, including the origins of Sage herself.

Occupation: Head Engineer of the Steam Kingdom
Age: 19
Personality: Her family are well known engineers and were the ones who created Saga's train system, the only known transport between kingdoms other than walking. She takes pride in her families legacy and won't take crud from anyone who tries and shames it.

Occupation: Keeper of the Time Kingdom
Age: ???
Personality: The mysterious ruler of the Time Kingdom who keeps the time in check. He is even able to manipulate like by stopping it, going through it and even controlling the time of others. His motives are a mystery.

Occupation: Archangel of the Angel Kingdom
Age: ???
Personality: The kindhearted ruler of the Angel Kingdom, devoted to protecting the people of Saga. His heart is open to all, though his fury can be righteous.

Occupation: Lead Singer of Blood River
Age: 20
Personality: The closet thing the Punk Kingdom has to a ruler, due to the kingdom's love of rebellion and going against the established order. A punk rocker through and through, Raven hates the other kingdoms, finding them restrictive, and desires freedom.

Occupation: Lord of Vampire Kingdom
Age: 500
Personality: The ruler of the Vampire Kingdom who has ruled for a very long time and a continuing participant in royal gatherings. Strangely, not sure how he came to be.

Occupation: Queen of Harpy Kingdom
Age: 27
Personality: An eagle harpy and the ruler of the Harpy Kingdom. An easily impressionable Harpy who enjoys the company of her fellow female nobles, especially Tsu.

Lady Giselle
Occupation: Princess of Medieval Kingdom
Age: 15
Personality: A young princess from a kingdom stuck in medieval times who is curious about the kingdoms as well as what lies beyond Sagas borders.

Lady Crystal
Occupation: Princess of Jewel Kingdom
Age: ???
Personality: A young crystal like being who cares about the delicacy of her fragile body as well as the bodies of all of her fellow jewel people.

Sir Leopold
Occupation: Prince of Toy Kingdom
Age: ???
Personality: A wooden toy soldier that sees the large world around him as one big adventure. He has a strong sense of duty and is always eager to do all he can if it means protecting the land he loves.

Sir Erik
Occupation: Prince of Elf Kingdom
Age: 132
Personality: A teenage elf despite his number of years alive who takes his duty as prince seriously. He works hard to maintain the forests of Elf Kingdom and doesn't quite understand humans or their nature but will act against them if they try to harm the forest

Occupation: Prince of the Ninja Kingdom
Age: 17
Personality: A serious and silent type who enjoys spying on the other kingdoms without them even realizing it. He and his kingdom know about the visitors from beyond Saga itself.

Occupation: Princess of Rabbit Kingdom
Age: 15
Personality: A young rabbit girl from a kingdom of lagamorphs, the scientific name for rabbits, where time there is always so quick and vegetables have always remained the number one favorite food. She's energetic, peppy and very friendly.

Occupation: Princess of Clown Kingdom
Age: 18
Personality: A silly and fun loving clown girl who comes right from the Clown Kingdom where fun and silliness happens 24/7. She has a strong friendship with Lola of the Seaside Kingdom.

Occupation: Princess of the Mermaid Kingdom
Age: 16
Personality: A mermaid who lives in the underwater mermaid kingdom. She gets around using a wheelchair and having some water spritz on her every now and then. She wants to spread relations with those on land and those who live in the sea.

Occupation: Princess of Olympus Kingdom
Age: ???
Personality: The goddess of the hunt and next in line after the current ruler Zeus. She is very proud of her kingdom and goes against those who claim to speak badly about it.

Transported Characters Characters who were somehow summoned onto Saga's surface and are lost in a strange new world.

Regular Characters Characters who were born within Saga itself.


Saga: A massive continent that exists on a second Earth that consists of over 170 different kingdoms including the central one ruled by the continents ruler Sage, an AI given life.

Central Kingdom: The kingdom who sits at the center of Saga, home to the central castle where its ruler, Sage, lives. It is considered a melting pot of many different people.

River Kingdom: A kingdom containing massive rivers where people settle alongside them be they human or fish like.

Chef Kingdom: A kingdom devoted to the arts of cooking where the dishes made by the chefs can have many different effects on those who eat it.

Amazon Kingdom: A jungle like kingdom where resides tribes of powerful warrior women known as the amazons.

Balloon Kingdom: A kingdom that floats high in the sky where its residents are either balloons that can fly high in the sky or ones that roll close to the land.

Magic Kingdom: A kingdom that prioritizes magic and everyone there is a master of magic.

Blueberry Kingdom: A kingdom of blueberries and where everything is just...blue.

Simpleton: A kingdom created for people who just want to live normal, boring lives with no magic whatsoever.

Slime Kingdom: A vast marshland of slimes who gain the abilities of the monsters and things they absorb within their bodies.

Ninja Kingdom: A kingdom hidden in leaves and mist where a wide variety of ninjas thrive and train as personal assassins.

Doll Kingdom: A kingdom filled with living dolls of all shapes and sizes. Be they plushy or plastic or handsewn or wooden.

Music Kingdom: A kingdom where everyone has musical talents and where the music there could change you for better or for worse.

Sumo Kingdom: A kingdom where everyone is a bit on the large side but there weight is power.

Puzzle Kingdom: A high tech kingdom where around every corner is a puzzle to be solved.

Horror Kingdom: A place where ones fears such as ghosts, monsters and vampires come to life.

Hero Kingdom: A city where superheroes are commonplace and are ready to save the day.

Fairy Kingdom: A large forest kingdom where fairies flutter about minding their own business.

Toon Kingdom: A place where everyone there may be a little silly and animated.

Bee Kingdom: A large hive where beegirls live to serve their queens day in and day out.

Samurai Kingdom: A kingdom of highly skilled swordsmen trained in the ways of bushido.

Harvest Kingdom: A farming kingdom where a majority of the continents crops and goods come from.

Circus Kingdom: A place filled with endless entertainment, clowns and many more.

Mermaid Kingdom: A kingdom under the ocean where a vast assortment of mermaids live and prosper.

Dragon Kingdom: A place in the mountains where many of its citizens train and live as one with the mighty dragons.

Adventure Kingdom: A kingdom that seems to be modeled off RPGs and filled with dungeons.

Wild Kingdom: A jungle kingdom filled with anthro animals who live to battle poachers and hunters.

Elf Kingdom: A kingdom in the forest where the elves live in peace with the land.

Art Kingdom: A kingdom filled with creativity and many aspiring young artists.

Demon Kingdom: A dark filled country of evil demons who will try and turn you to the dark side.

Angel Kingdom: A holy kingdom in the sky where angels fly about without a care in the world, making Saga a safe place.

Memory Kingdom: A place where the memories of all of Saga are stored for safe keeping.

Romance Kingdom: A country with more schools and romantic locals than anywhere else and where romance rules all.

Sports Kingdom: A place where many excel in athletic ability as well as hone their skills.

Giant's Kingdom: A kingdom where everything towers over normal people and the people their stand tall...literally.

Bimbo Kingdom: A kingdom where mind doesn't matter, where beauty is all.

Fight Kingdom: A rough and tough kingdom where all have to fight to get what they want in their lives.

Plant Kingdom: A large wild forest and jungle like area where living plants populate it.

Sand Kingdom: A large desert where the myths of the Arabian Nights and Egyptian Mythology come to life.

Lake Kingdom: A gigantic lake home to many aquatic residence that live to look beautiful.

Fashion Kingdom: A large fashion metropolis where all there are expert seamstress's and seamsters.

Cat Kingdom: A land where all are either all or half cat, a place for a felines paradise.

Dog Kingdom: A land near Cat Kingdom where all is tailored for the dogs or half dogs.

Snow Kingdom: A kingdom covered in ice and snow where its inhabitants have adapted well to it.

Mime Kingdom: A silent and monochrome place where actions speak a lot louder than words ever could.

Bovine Kingdom: A large prairie where many of its people are a bit more like cattle.

Toy Kingdom: A kingdom of playthings that come hand and hand with children.

Dinosaur Kingdom: A kingdom where the ancient monsters of the past world roam the land.

Psychic Kingdom: A place where psychic abilities have been necessary for the peoples everyday life.

Swap Kingdom: A large kingdom where things tend to never stay the same for any one person for too long.

Egg Kingdom: A strange and mysterious country where its purpose and access to it are restricted to personel of the Central Kingdom.

Nerd Kingdom: A kingdom where brain power rules all and appearance is...not desired.

Rubber Kingdom: A kingdom where all its people are made of rubber and can stretch and bounce.

Life Kingdom: A kingdom with advanced medical techniques that could save just about anyone from death.

Serpent Kingdom: A kingdom where the residents have taken cues from snakes and become much more...serpent like.

Cyber Kingdom: A kingdom in the middle of cyber space where everything is digital and all that.

Fairytale Kingdom: A kingdom with many places based on famous fairy and folktales.

Wood Kingdom: A kingdom where all its residence have a mastery of manipulating wood as well as carpentry.

Robot Kingdom: A kingdom where machines run it all and emotions are non existent.

Explorers Kingdom: A place where people are trained to explore the uncharted unknown in secret.

Guys Kingdom: Warning: No women allowed. Only open to men.

Envy Kingdom: A kingdom developed to punish others. People sent there become eternally jealous of everyone else.

Wrath Kingdom: A kingdom developed to punish others. People sent there are eternally angry.

Pride Kingdom: A kingdom developed to punish others. People sent there become very pull of themselves.

Greed Kingdom: A kingdom developed to punish others. People there spend their days hoarding money.

Lust Kingdom: A kingdom developed to punish others. People there become nothing more sex crazed maniacs.

Sloth Kingdom: A kingdom developed to punish others. People there spend their days strapped to a bed to become lazy.

Gluttony Kingdom: A kingdom developed to punish others. People there are forced to eat and eat but never feel full.

Thunder Kingdom: A kingdom that is currently developing high end electronics and where everyone has a mastery over electricity.

Steam Kingdom: A steampunk like kingdom where the train system of Saga was developed.

Nordic Kingdom: A kingdom that has been based off the legends of Norse Mythology.

Forest Kingdom: A kingdom that is a massive forest where all sorts of creatures frolic and play.

Medieval Kingdom: A kingdom stuck in the middle ages where a lot of it is based off the tales of Arthur and Camelot.

Wind Kingdom: People here have mastered the ways of the wind and flight as well.

Book Kingdom: A place where many books are kept each of them detailing the history of that entire world.

Olympus Kingdom: A kingdom where the entire country is based off of Greek mythology.

Mist Kingdom: A kingdom with a rich history of martial arts and cooking. It is based off of Chinese mythology.

Spa Kingdom: A kingdom created for the relaxation of those who wish to relax and melt away their stresses.

Jewel Kingdom: A kingdom where many different magical stones have been discovered and many people have started to mine for them.

Flower Kingdom: A kingdom that grows a wide variety of beautiful flowers and specialty plants.

Ruined Kingdom: A kingdom that was once prosperous but now is falling apart do to some unknown war that happened ages ago.

Avian Kingdom: A kingdom of birds or bird like humanoids.

Food Kingdom: A kingdom where all as far as the eye can see is made of food, even the people.

Sweets Kingdom: A kingdom that broke off from Food Kingdom as its own independent kingdom that specializes in sweets.

Jail Kingdom: A massive country/prison where all who oppose the kingdoms are forced to stay till their fate day.

Outlaw Kingdom: A kingdom that is a neutral zone where many wanted criminals have taken refuge within.

Justice Kingdom: Where all the rules of the kingdoms are created and criminals fates are handed down and judged.

Spider Kingdom: A kingdom of sentient spiders as well as Driders.

Harpy Kingdom: A mountain kingdom where the Harpies nest alongside the range and fly about.

Holiday Kingdom: A kingdom that tends to changes as often as the seasons and holidays it supports come and go.

Seaside Kingdom: A kingdom by the beach where all its visitors do is have fun in the sun.

Magical Girl Kingdom: A kingdom where almost every high school girl or younger has magical powers and fights evil monsters.

Zoo Kingdom: A kingdom with a vast collection of animal life within its border.

Flame Kingdom: A kingdom where all have a mastery of the element of fire and can control it.

Academy Kingdom: An educational kingdom for those who want to be of use to the kingdoms in some way.

Lab Kingdom: A special zone dedicated to developing new techniques in transformation and research.

Race Kingdom: A place within the kingdom where humans within can see about becoming something...not human.

Equine Kingdom: A kingdom filled with multiple equine species and Centaurs.

Aqua Kingdom: A kingdom on top of the sea where all have a mastery over the element of water.

Stone Kingdom: A kingdom where all have mastery of the Earth as well as turning others to stone.

Star Kingdom: A kingdom where the constellations have come alive within its borders.

Hypnosis Kingdom: A kingdom where all practice in multiple arts of hypnotism be it a trance or complete brain control.

Chastity Kingdom: One of seven reformation kingdoms. For those who committed sexual misconduct, they are taken here and reconditioned to have no sexual desires at all and become priest, bishops, monks or nuns.

Temperance Kingdom: One of seven reformation kingdom. For those who steal food, they are taken here and go under a long lasting fast where eating too much is not allowed and they become personal trainers.

Kindness Kingdom: One of seven reformation kingdoms. For those who have great envy, they are brought here to become shy and meek and going on to spread happiness.

Charity Kingdom: One of seven reformation kingdoms. A place for those who horde where they learn to live without possessions and money and live as wanderers.

Humility Kingdom: One of seven reformation kingdoms. Those who have too much pride are taken here to be humiliated and eventually become entertainers.

Patience Kingdom: One of seven reformation Kingdoms. For those with great anger, they are tied down and forced to wait for long periods of time before becoming peaceful.

Dilligence Kingdom: One of seven reformation kingdoms. For those who laze about, they are put to work and either become slaves or servants.

Pokemon Kingdom: A kingdom where pokemon live and prosper within this territory as intelligent creatures with no humans or trainers around.

Servant Kingdom: A kingdom where those from the Dilligence Kingdom are taken to be trained and reconditioned as servants to the royals of other kingdoms.

Porcine Kingdom: A kingdom of pigs and boars that live within its borders as they enjoy their own gluttony and hedonistic tendencies.

Western Kingdom: A kingdom stuck in the old west where outlaws and gun wielding lawmen are as common as tumbleweeds.

Kaiju Kingdom: A ruined kingdom where giant monsters roam the country leveling all in their path.

Alien Kingdom: A small kingdom where races from across the universe have come to colonize.

Shinto Kingdom: A old kingdom near Ninja and Samurai where Japanese deities as well as japanese spirits have come to settle.

Fruit Kingdom: A jungle kingdom that grows many different fruits, some of which can cause unexpected effects onto others.

Speed Kingdom: A place where speed is everything and that all need to be quick in order to make a living here.

Rabbit Kingdom: A kingdom filled with rabbits, hares and bunny like girls as well.

Weather Kingdom: A kingdom where the weather in all of Saga is controlled and monitored.

Fitness Kingdom: A kingdom where those who feel out of sorts go to regain their shape and shape their own muscles.

Fusion Kingdom: A kingdom where people can join together with other people or things.

Twinning Kingdom: A kingdom where everyone has a twin but they don't act like their other.

Mythos Kingdom: A kingdom where mythological creatures from all across Saga can live in peace and harmony.

Metal Kingdom: Where all of Saga's metal is mass produced and the people have a mastery over metal.

Body Kingdom: A kingdom where the people are born with strange abnormalities to their bodies such as extra limbs or extra heads.

Ghost Kingdom: A kingdom of spirits and haunted houses.

Vampire Kingdom: A kingdom of supernatural beings who drink from the living, be that blood or other things.

Mask Kingdom: A kingdom where masks have certain powers within them that can be given to their wearer.

Games Kingdom: A kingdom where strange games are played between kingdoms to settle disputes.

Time Kingdom: A kingdom that monitors the flow of the worlds time and can either progress forwards or backwards.

Thief Kingdom: A kingdom of thieves where all are trained to steal from others.

Merchant Kingdom: A kingdom where people train to become salesman to other kingdoms and sell goods.

Holy Kingdom: A kingdom of very religious followers who worship the supposed gods and goddesses of Saga and are trained in using the element of Light.

Hunter Kingdom: A kingdom where its residents are trained to become hunters and guardians of nature.

Dancer Kingdom: A slave kingdom where girls either dancers for the public or dancers for the royalties.

Marksman Kingdom: A kingdom where people are trained to become archers and snipers.

Royalty Kingdom: A kingdom where some people are conditioned to become royalty under Sage's control and lose memories of their former lives.

Warrior Kingdom: A kingdom where people are trained to become knights or mercenaries for Sage to keep the peace.

Space Kingdom: A kingdom that catalogs other realities and can alter the very fabric of space itself.

Stock Kingdom: A kingdom for those eager to risk it all to earn money. Some end up major billionaires though endeavors like these.

Honesty Kingdom: A kingdom that only tells the truth and keeps no secrets.

Expansion Kingdom: A kingdom home to a mistress who keeps her intentions hidden from those outside of her rule.

Punk Kingdom: A kingdom of goths and punks who enjoy rebellion.

Ride Kingdom: A kingdom where a number of vehicles are repaired and monitored.

Fungi Kingdom: A kingdom of strange mushrooms, each with their own different effect.

Cloud Kingdom: A large sea of clouds that one can actually walk on.

Arcade Kingdom: A kingdom filled with multiple video games.

Rodent Kingdom: A kingdom of intelligent mice and rats and other rodents.

Fishing Kingdom: A kingdom of fishermen who spend their days out to sea.

East Kingdom: A kingdom set in the farthest east that monitors all those coming and going into it.

Fertility Kingdom: A kingdom with mothers to be who are in charge of keeping Saga's future strong.

Sideshow Kingdom: A kingdom that is just one large freakshow.

North Kingdom: A kingdom in the far north that keeps track of the air traffic around Saga.

Motor Kingdom: A kingdom that mainly creates vehicles for the other kingdoms to use.

Emotion Kingdom: A kingdom where people's emotions tend to influence how they turn out in life.

Curse Kingdom: A kingdom what curses are commonplace and commonly practiced by its people.

Smash Kingdom: A kingdom created where all enjoy the thrills of Super Smash Bros.

Key Kingdom: A kingdom with sword like keys that change the wielder and make them part of an order that protects Saga.

Card Kingdom: A kingdom where cards and card games come alive and where Card Magic is alive and well.

Bear Kingdom: A kingdom where ursines walk around and about be they teddy, gummi or actual.

West Kingdom: A kingdom in the west where all on the western border of Saga is monitored.

South Kingdom: A kingdom in the south where the bordered is monitored.

Weapons Kingdom: A kingdom where a number of weapons are mass produced in many different ways.

Trap Kingdom: A kingdom near the Adventure Kingdom where a number of dungeons with numerous tf traps await.

Cosplay Kingdom: A strange and bizarre kingdom where not that many can enter.

Gold Kingdom: A kingdom where all of the treasures of the kingdom's leaders are stored.

Hyrule Kingdom: A kingdom that was based off the land of Hyrule from Breath of the Wild.

Color Kingdom: A kingdom of multiple colors and color changing tools.

Cube Kingdom: A kingdom made up entirely of cubes.

Paper Kingdom: A kingdom where everyone is as flat and fragile as paper.

And that is all 170 kingdoms within the land of Saga.
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