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by Norman
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Give me a clock that goes tick-tock
“The clock is ticking louder,”
Okay, it’s really not
Since everything is digital
It doesn’t go tick-tock

“The time is quickly passing.
The seconds tick away.”

Well damn, I did it once again
I don’t know what to say

“The hours keep on turning.”
No, no, of course they can’t
They stare at me so silently
As I sit here and rant

This clock I have is dreadful
Like time is at a stall
The numbers just keep glowing green
No sound to them at all

I’ll never start this story
No matter how I try
And time is running out on me
Let’s see if time can fly

I threw it out the window
I’ll find me an old clock
A clock that makes the proper sounds
Yeah, one that goes tick-tock

With hands that keep on turning
Their motion marking time
And then I can write poetry
“The old clock spoke in rhyme.”


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