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by Jes
Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Emotional · #2225004
The impact after a few thoughtless words.
"Jess. Are you starving yourself?"
Five words, but god... you ruined my mood. I don't understand why you would ask. I told you that I wanted to change. I just want support. You made me so furious to the point I raised my voice to tell you to leave me alone. No, I'm not starving myself. I'm genuinely offended you lost your trust in me. I just don't want to eat every single thing you try to force me to. I didn't want to eat your pasta after eating less than an hour ago some other food you prepared and you ask that? Mom... that's too far. You made diner two days in a row(which is very unusual in my household) and we ate together as a family. Did you see my only drink water or not even touch any food? No, mom. You didn't. I was eating everything I put on my plate. I know I'm always in my room, but I know starving myself is not good for me. Although, for some reason... I can't stop thinking about it. Wouldn't starvation make losing weight easier? Maybe I can fast a few days and become what society prefers? I can't explain it, but can't you just appreciate my effort instead of acting like that? Asking me so directly if I'm unhealthy is so bold and made me uncomfortable. No one in their right mind would say yes. Not even if they actually are. Hell, even more so if they actually are. You didn't approach it right and just angered me. You always act so clueless and piss me off when you're drinking alcohol.
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