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by Dazani
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This is about how I expect my future with my lover to be....Rooooomance!!~

Megan's POV

"Good evening gorgeous." James stumbled in through the door quietly, holding a bag in his hand as his eyes laid upon me.

"Evening, love~" I mumbled back, a gentle blush surrounding my face. He walked toward me, bag in hand and his eyes gazing into my own. He first slid off his shoes onto the mat, and then slid off his jacket before handing the bag to me.

"I- What's this?" I tilted my head and whispered softly, James was already in a suit, because they were his favourite clothing to wear, so he had looked magnificent. Me? Well, I was in a gentle flowing, but fitted mixed purple dress, that surprisingly matched his suit. I held the bag open, and reached inside of it, pulling out a purple corsage and a necklace, almost reaching for the third thing, he quickly snatched it away and said, "Nope. Not yet." He smirked, and I pouted before shrugging as he snuck behind me, moved my hair to the side, and clipped the necklace together. I gazed in the mirror and smiled.

"It's absolutely...perfect." I whispered blushing deeply before turning around and curling into his chest, him, wrapping his arms around me while he whispered, "You're perfect."

James' POV

I gazed over at her while she drove accordingly to my directions, and she looked absolutely beautiful. The way her dark, jet black hair flowed down her back, creating a subtle midnight blue glimmer to it too...the way her eyes sparkled, her beautiful bright blue eyes as she watched down the road. She just looked...perfect.

"Where are we going to?" She mumbled, blushing gently.

"I love your blush." I menacingly avoided her question.

"Jeez. We're here?" She fell back against the seat as she parked. "Driving is not fun."

I chuckled lightly before opening the door for her and holding out my hand. "C'mon beautiful."

"Yes......Daddy!" She mumbled out as she took my hand, forcing a deep blush to be present on my cheeks.

"Not here, princess. Later~" I whispered down into her ear, forcing my blush onto her as I felt her shiver against me.

"Ahhhhhggg, S-Stop that!" She squeaked softly and quickly kissed my neck before walking ahead of me. I ran up behind her and scooped her up, carrying her over my shoulder.

"Going somewhere? You don't even know what we're doing." I laughed wholeheartedly as I kept her over me, letting her fear of mildly small heights get to her, she knew I would never drop her.

She huffed and crossed her arms. I let her down at the door of Angelina Restaurant.

"Oh...wow.." She gasped gently before gazing at me, a look of pure love and romance in her beautifully blue eyes.

"All for you, mon amour." I took her hand, before wrapping my arm around her waist, gluing her to my side as we walked in. Her face was down, her cheeks, a deep crimson arising.

"I do not belong here...look at everybody." She whispered, hiding her face in my chest.

"You're right. You deserve and belong in much better presence. My beautiful princess."

She rolled her eyes and scoffed. "Enough, Jameses."

"I love you, Megan." I smiled and caressed her cheek.

"I love you more, Jameses." She blushed.

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