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Creating falsehoods
Sometimes Life hands you Lemons and you just need to do the best you can. Most times I tend to just grab a fist full of Garlic, bite right into it and pretend that it's actually a piece of Luscious Taffy. That pretty much describes my Life thus far. I realize that I Need to Own it but I would rather Fake it & feel sorry for myself. Better yet, I want others to acknowledge my sorry state while "virtually hugging me".
Growing up I knew that I was Loved by an Extensive family. My Grandmother was the eldest of Twelve and my Daddy the eldest of Nine. We lived within Two blocks of my Great grandmother whom also lived on the remaining Homestead property. To say I was a small piece of a Larger picture is an Understatement. My Great Granddaddy had actually been County Sheriff and also began the Huntamer Water company. (While I was still young the newly Incorporated City of Lacey purchased it from Daddys Uncles.)
I grew up proud of my Heritage, it felt cool to be acknowledged as part of the City and County. Unfortunately, I realized that I wasn't as "important" as I thought. Being know simply as a "nothing more than a nobody" encouraged me to invent an additional story line. Alright, I created lies to make others "like me or find that I too had value."
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