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by Norman
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You'll really like this game
They call it pickleball
A funny kind of name
But if you give it half a chance
You’ll really like this game

The rules are kind of weird
They take some time to learn
You have to call the score out loud
When it becomes your turn

The ball has lots of holes
Like wiffle balls you know
When you first get a look at them
You’ll think the game is slow

But you’d be thinking wrong
It can get very fast
If you don’t stay up on your toes
That ball will sail right past

And if you’re in the kitchen
You’re not in there to bake
You have to let the ball bounce once
Or make a big mistake

It isn’t just for old folks
Although it seems that way
But if you think you've got it made
It’s sure to make their day

So give the game a try
And tell me what you think
I bet you'll have a real good time
And you’ll be pickled pink

Uhh... that's tickled pink

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