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by Eobard
Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Fantasy · #2232100
What if Jasmine got the lamp, before getting encased in the hourglass? Disney owns Aladdin
Based on Aladdin, the animated version… with alterations. The “Ali Reprise” was used as a template to create a song.

         Inside the Sultan's palace at night. Jafar is distracted by Jasmine's seductive trickery as Aladdin tries to sneakily get the lamp. But the sorcerer sees his reflection on the princess's tiara.
Jafar shouts before shooting Aladdin with a magical beam from his staff. Pushing him into a massive pile of gold.
"How many times do I have to kill you boy?!"
Jasmine notices Jafar’s guard down so she uses the distraction to attempt to wrestle the staff from him. Unfortunately, he wrenches it out of her grasp and pushes her to the ground. Aladdin gets up and charges at Jafar, doing as Jasmine did to stop Jafar from using his scepter.
“Get the lamp!” Aladdin yells to Jasmine which makes her realize that it was unguarded.
         Jasmine rushes towards the throne, where the lamp sits on the armrest. Jafar, realizing this, shouts defiantly, “NO!” Before pushing Aladdin away from him and shooting a magical beam at the princess. “Uh uh uh Princess, your time is up!” Jafar says cleverly as the beam turns into an hourglass, with Jasmine inside of it. Jafar stands up straight with a smug smile on his face until Aladdin spears him to the ground. While they are fighting, a torrent of sand starts pouring down upon Jasmine’s head which brings her to her knees. She uses her left hand to push through it but before she could use her right hand she spots a shiny gold object in it.
         Jasmine anxiously rubs the lamp three times for the genie to teleport into the hourglass with his hair in a different stylized ponytail and a black robe.
“I don’t like sand. It’s coarse and rough and…”
“I do not have time for this right now, Genie! I wish that…”
She stops mid-wish when she sees Jafar transform Abu into a cymbal banging monkey then unraveling Carpet into a single thread. She thinks, to when Her father had forced her to marry a prince because of a law he made, Aladdin saving her from losing a hand to a peasant, how Jafar had more power than her even when he was the royal vizier. She is tired of feeling helpless.
With that kind of power, she would never be dependent on others again.
“That I had Jafar’s magic powers!”
“And… here… we... go,” Genie says, dressed in a purple suit with slicked-back green hair.
         The blue omnipotent being points a gloved finger at both Jafar and Jasmine, which spews a purple beam at the two of them. The mighty sorcerer is hit in the back with the magical beam and is lifted into the air. When the desert princess gets hit with the beam she is lifted to the top bulb of the hourglass with all the sand swirling around her. The golden snake staff becomes covered in red magical energy as it rips itself out of Jafar’s grasp, through the hourglass, and into the swirling sand sphere. As that is going on, Abu reverts to a monkey, Carpet is magically sewn back together, the Sultan is no longer wearing a jester costume or being held up like a marionette, and Rajah ages back into a fully grown tiger. Aladdin starts rushing over to the glass prison but is stopped when the sand inside the hourglass explodes outwards which shatters it and sends shards flying all around the throne room.
The shards shrink into nothingness before they could cut anybody. The cause of this sorcery is shrouded within a dust cloud. A silhouette rises from inside the cloud, the shadow of a woman standing up. The cloud settles to reveal Jasmine, still wearing her slave dress, with the genie’s lamp in one hand and the cobra staff in the other.
“Jasmine! Thank Allah you are alright. Now we can put everything back to the way it was.”
         Aladdin says excitedly once he sees Jasmine without a scratch nor needing to cough and the sorcerer’s staff in hand. She flashes a smile at him before turning her attention to the now powerless Jafar. He sees the look of danger in her eyes and tries to run away but doesn’t go four steps before she takes control of his body with a blast from the staff. Jasmine forces him to move back to where he was and look her in the eye.
         “Jafar!... You made me bow, turned me into your slave, then almost buried me alive! It is so clear to me now… I’ve been helpless all my life… I told you I would have the power to get rid of you when I become queen, but this power… I could end you with ease, but I’m not like you Jafar. I do not go back on my word, betray those that I swore an oath to. You and your treacherous parrot shall rot in the dungeon until I become queen.” (drags a finger across throat)
         Iago, sensing this to be his last chance to escape captivity, flies towards the nearest exit. Jasmine notices the bird attempting to flee and shoots a magical beam towards him with the staff. The parrot dodged out of the way of the red beam and out of the palace. However, instead of it’s intended target, the beam hits the sultan instead. Making him, seemingly, disappear and a pile of dust to take his place. Jasmine looks to the pile of dust in horror, while Jafar starts to quiver in fear, afraid of the princess’s retribution. Jasmine is shocked that she might have lost her father. But her expression quickly turns to a wicked smile. Being the only one to know what the magical beam did… Deducing that with her father out of the way… She is now the Queen of Agrabah.
         "N..now princess, I am completely powerless, a worm compared to your might. There’s no reason for you to do anything rash." A violin starts playing, once Jafar finishes his pleading.
"Vile Jafar, you have fallen far, From a sorcerer to trembling wretch. (Forced to bow on knees)
Kiss my rump (She turns around and makes him press his lips to her butt) for it is plump, and sublime. (Turns back around and makes him rollover) You see my ass with its mass. Causing a vizier to suffer the wrath of gas. This queen's booty punishes venomous vile Jafar." (Slams her ass down onto his face)
         Aladdin rushes over to be in front of Jasmine, looking excited, fanning his face with his fez hat. Abu and Carpet look on in satisfaction, watching Jafar get his just deserts. Jasmine is over the moon with this rush of power she is feeling. She can not believe that her backside alone is making the former sorcerer suffer. Rajah looks towards where the sultan once stood, now seeming to have turned into a pile of dust. Genie stays floating by Queen Jasmine’s side, not knowing what she has done to the sultan. The blue cosmic being only knows that he has granted another wish, that has given a mortal an immense amount of magical abilities.
“Jasmine, you did it! But… what happened to your father...” Aladdin says while glancing over at where the sultan once stood.
“It doesn’t matter what happened to him. What matters is that Agrabah has a new ruler, one with real power. Now we can get married without you having to be a prince!” Jasmine says, excited at the prospect of marrying Aladdin.
         Abu, sensing the demeanor change in the Arabian Queen, scurries over to Aladdin and climbs up on to him until he is gripping onto the back of Aladdin’s purple vest. Jasmine looks at the two of them, seeing Alladdin’s affection for Abu, fills her with hostile jealousy. Jasmine stands up, having made Jafar pass out from lack of fresh/clean air, and narrows her eyes at them. The two thieves can feel a sense of danger, radiating from Jasmine as she stands up, and Aladdin can only think of one thing to do… run!
         Aladdin makes it to the entrance to the balcony before Jasmine shoots a magical beam with the cobra staff. Which connects with Abu and grants her complete control over his body. Aladdin vaults over the railing just as he turns his head to see Abu being pulled away.
Carpet soars out of the palace and down to catch Aladdin, then flies away from Agrabah.
The monkey is flung across the room and lands with a tumble a few feet behind Jasmine. While Abu gets back on to his feet and hands, Jasmine walks around the unconscious usurper. Before taking a step backward and bending down for Abu to see her curves more defined by the red harem pants.
         “Oh Abu, how is the view, beneath royalty? For a monkey ought to be stinky. (Brrrrrraaappppp!) Suffering from horrible blasts. (turns around) Your gullible failings, show you need training. (uses her staff to create a birdcage on a pedestal for Abu to be inside) Magicking a pet monkey into a cage for thieving. (turns back around) This eastern princess has silenced his squealing. A monkey, frightened. My excitement heightened. (puts her butt on the cage and leans forward) Gotta let loose for Agrabah’s prosperity, (BBRRRRRPPPPPPPPPP!) (Abu is propelled to the other side of the cage) Ahhhhhh! This power belongs to me-ahahaha…”

         Three weeks later, in the throne room, Queen Jasmine sits upon her throne with a golden tiger’s head statue behind it. She wears the red attire that she wore back then. She holds in her hands the cobra staff and the lamp. The genie levitates on the right side of the throne, golden cuff bracelets still on his wrists. Abu is locked up in the birdcage, which has been moved to the left side of the throne. Rajah lies prone in front of the queen's feet, like the predatory defender he is. Jasmine has had all the piles of gold sent to the royal treasury.
         Razoul, along with a handful of guards, has been sent to march upon all of Agrabah’s neighboring kingdoms. They either get the cities to help in a manhunt or barge into them to find one measly street rat, Aladdin. Jasmine still loves him, even though he left at the dawn of her reign. She will be damned if she does not marry him. The snake staff can not teleport him and she will not waste a wish on something she can have the populace do for her.
         The gigantic double doors to the throne room open up and a woman, shrouded by a black cloak, walks into the room. The mysterious lady walks towards Jasmine until she is about 8 feet from the throne. “Greetings, your majesty.” The woman says as she curtsies towards the Queen. Jasmine stands up from her throne, angrily puzzled by this stranger entering her palace and the royal guards not having informed her of this person’s arrival. “Who are you to enter my presence, and where are my guards?!” Jasmine asks demandingly from the stranger, noticing her pale white skin. Rajah gets ready to pounce on the cloaked figure, but she only glances at the feline to get the tiger to become docile.
         “Your guards are alive. They would not let me pass into the palace. So I knocked them out. As for your 1st question, I’m a foreign Queen who has made strides to make the world a better place.” The cloaked lady says while shrugging her shoulders. Jasmine chuckles when she mentions being a queen.
“I used to dress up as a commoner before I became queen. Tell me, your grace, are you real royalty or a deceiving dastard?” Jasmine asks her.
“My title is true. Like you, I usurped the throne from the former ruler.” The woman answers. “So, you plan on making the world a better place. What do you want from me?” Jasmine asks.
“To join a counsel of mighty women. We’ll improve society by governing... humankind.” Jasmine looks at the stranger with a confused face. “Uh Huh. Sorry, but I have this kingdom to rule and a thief to find.” Jasmine says as she sits back onto her throne and waves the hooded woman away. Instead of leaving, she makes her a proposition. “If you join my counsel, then I promise, we’ll help you find Aladdin.”
         Jasmine stands up angrily from her throne. “How do you know his name?” She asks, the cloaked woman demandingly. “Your people talk about the night that you became queen of Agrabah. Of the original sultan going missing, Jafar’s enslavement, you rising to become the new ruler, and a carpet being spotted soaring across the desert. Hell, they make Aladdin out to be a rather dashing thief.” Jasmine stares silently at the woman for a moment. “I will join you.” The Arabian Queen says dejectedly. The cloaked woman keeps a solemn expression, not showing a reaction to Jasmine’s new decision. “Before I take you to our HQ, I want you to do something to prove that you will be devoted to the cause.” The woman says to Jasmine.
         “What will you have me do?” Jasmine asks the woman.
“You shall sit upon Abu and fart upon him. (Jasmine’s cheeks redden) you might’ve gassed him already. But you should feel that power women possess against men again. The council will be an example for womankind to follow. If you want our help, you will do this task.” The room becomes eerily quiet, as the genie goes into his lamp and the Middle-Eastern Queen mulls over her options. Jasmine looks towards Abu, cowering in the birdcage. She walks over to it, opens the cage, picks up Abu like an infant, and cradles him in her arms. She walks over to her throne and whispers to the monkey. “Sorry for what I did. But I must find him. Apologies in advance.”
         Jasmine drops Abu onto her throne and plants her rear upon the monkey’s meager frame. Agrabah’s Queen wiggles her rump around and scrunches her face to force out some ghastly gas.
Jasmine tilts her head upward, as she enjoys subjugating the monkey to her horrendous farts. Once the euphoric feeling of letting loose is gone, Jasmine turns her attention to the foreigner.
“Satisfied?” She asks her, nonchalantly. Wanting to look for Aladdin as soon as possible.
“My dear, I’m satisfied when fellow women relish utilizing their flatulence to debase others.” The woman says with a smile. Causing the Queen to blush, since she did enjoy it rather well.
         The hooded woman sticks an arm underneath her black cloak and pulls out a small cube with circular designs on all four sides, except the top has a yellow button. She turns to face the towering double doors and presses the button. Causing a white circular portal to appear a few feet from where she used the device. The foreign lady turns back to face Jasmine and says.
“This portal shall take us to my kingdom, the base of operations for our takeover of major positions of power on Earth. (turns and walks to the portal) You may bring your pet, prisoners, and magical items with you. I have no intention of depriving a woman of their power.”
         The woman steps into the portal and teleports away. Jasmine rises from her velvet throne. Abu rests upon the seat, passed out from the point-blank gassing. She scoops up the monkey and looks towards the balcony. Fantasizing about marrying Aladdin, living happily ever after. Two Queens tread ahead should be said. One wants to wed, while she should dread being misled.
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