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by Norman
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She was so prim and neat
She always dressed so properly
She was so prim and neat
With nothing ever out of place
From shoulders to her feet

But if you knew what else she wore
Well, that was the surprise
For what she donned beneath her clothes
Was not for public eyes

She liked to wear the sheerest things
Though no one else could see
But it just made her smile inside
She felt so wild and free

One time she tried commando style
But that was not as fun
Her sexy things did more for her
When all was said and done

She liked to wear all different shades
Some black and red and white
And when she wore her slightest things
That filled her with delight

Now you might take a glance at her
And sense a bit of guile
But she would just return your look
And give the sweetest smile

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