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Breast Cancer Awareness contest entry.
Heaviness accompanied her home after her doctor's appointment. Gripping the steering wheel causing her knuckles to go white, sniffling, working her jaw, and blinking back tears she slowly drove home mostly on autopilot. Breaking this horrible news to her husband grieved her. Dreading this encounter because reality would finally be spoken and a part of her life she sat in the car and worked fiercely to gather herself together and find the strength to tell him she was diagnosed with cancer. Her stomach twisted into knots as she took deep breaths. Telling her husband she needed surgery would be emotionally and financially devastating not to mention possibly raising havoc on their marriage.

The memory of her friend's reaction jolted her out of her daydreamy thoughts.

Heaviness accompanied her home from after her doctor's appointment. Jaw and muscles tense and eyes wet but no tears fell because she needed to be strong and get herself together before arriving home. Breaking this horrible news to her husband grieved her to her core. She knew how it might drastically change their relationship. Breathing quickly and deeply trying as she considered how to tell him she needed surgery twisted her stomach into knots. Jolted by her friend's reactions of her news crushed her deeply. They supported her at the doctor's office but ...but why such a severe reaction?

“There you are, I'm glad you're back. How did it go?”

“I thought my friends would understand my decision. They shouted about how I was taking a huge chance and ... made these horrified expressions and radical body gestures ... a...nd I didn’t know what to do so I ran out and ... drove home.”

“I’m sorry they’re not supporting you during this challenging time, dear. Maybe they don’t understand.”

“My love, no one understands ... until they have this experience themselves.”

Hugging, looking intently into the eyes of each other, and seeing tears of sadness mixed with an abundance of their gratitude for each other, they said nothing as they listened to their breathing. Warm contentment covered them and comforted them. Relaxing and feeling calmer, their minds slowed their whirling thoughts and focused on their reality.

Gently pushing away she gulped, took a deep breath, and whispered.

“I have faith and want to try a lifestyle change instead of going through radical invasive surgery. My friend tried this and she did extremely well, but she still is concerned about the breast cancer returning, and I know it weighs heavy on her mind. So far, so good, we’ll see!”

"It scares me, but honey if you want to make these changes, I’ll support you. Just make certain your doctor knows and that he approves.”

“That’s the problem, he doesn’t agree with my decision. He wants to do the surgery and doesn’t think natural lifestyle changes can make a difference. I really, really want to try this at least for a little while.”

But, hun, what if ...well...I…Mean...what if you wait too long? What if it doesn’t work, or what if …”

Stiff and motioning for him to be quiet she looked into his eyes. He closed his mouth stared at her amazed at her determination.

“Even you don’t trust this, so what am I to do? I have to live with this, it’s me we’re talking about.”

I know love, but I want us to be together for a very long time, and if this means you have to have the…”

“No! I love you but I absolutely need to try this because I feel it is right for me.”

“ Ok, ok, there’s no sense in you getting all worked up over this. We can see things go. I really, really hope it works so that we can be together for a very, very long time and grow old together.
Hugging tightly with tears streaming from their eyes they knew the risks but also trusted that everything would work out even if the surgery had to be done. Fortunately, the lifestyle changes helped, and delayed the surgery for many years.

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