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A 10 year old boy named Banner experiences growing for the first time.
"Hmm," Banner smiles in his sleep. Banner is dreaming of himself making a buzzer beater shot in basketball and winning the game for his team. Banner's dream is interrupted by a jarring pain in his lower right leg.
"Oww!!" Banner screamed. Banner lifts up his covers and finds a small, flat spider underneath attached to his lower right leg. The spider was red with black spots on it, like a ladybug. He plucks the spider off of his leg. The spider must have bit him and his leg crushed it. "That hurt," Banner said to himself. Banner shrugged and went back to sleep. When he was drifting off to sleep, Banner got a pleasant warm wave that coursed through his body. Still, Banner slept on.
Banner is a 10 year old boy in 5th grade. He is about 5’ tall and wears a size 7 shoe. Banner is average height for a 5th grader, but about half of his classmates are taller than him. Some being as tall as 5'4". The other half of the class is either about his height or a few inches shorter than him.
The next morning, Banner wakes up to another pain in his leg. Weirdly, in the same place the spider bit him. Banner gets out of bed and walks out into the kitchen. Banner is greeted by his older brother Harper.
"Morning Banner," he said.
"Morning," Banner replied.
"Hey, you look taller. You must have grew last night," Harper realized.
"Really?" Banner said surprised, "Let's stand back to back." Banner and Harper stand back to back and compare each other's heights.
"Man, you're to my nose now. Yesterday, you were just below my shoulder," Harper mentioned.
"Cool! Maybe I'll outgrow you before you grow again Harper," Banner boasted.
"Ha ha, very funny. Highly unlikely," Harper scoffed. Banner sat down next to Harper and started eating breakfast.
Harper is 13 years old and is in 7th grade. He is normal height for a 7th grader at being about 5'2" tall.
Later, Banner's mom comes out of her room.
"Banner get ready," she said, "you need to get ready for school. We're leaving in five minutes."
"Okay mom," Banner responded. Banner got out of his seat and started to get dressed for school. When Banner was putting on his shirt, he realized that it was smaller than usual. His pants were also smaller. They only go up to his ankles. It was cold outside today, so his mom made him wear the only pair of pants that he had.
"That's weird," Banner said. Banner then tries to put on his Kyrie basketball shoes. These too were also small. His toes were being crunched at the end of his shoes.
"Mmm, I'm sure this can last, just for today," Banner grunts. Banner walks out of his room and climbs into the back of his mom's car.
When Banner got to school, he met up with his classmate Mason.
"Hey Banner," Mason greeted him.
"Hey Mason," Banner replied.
"Cold outside today," Mason mentioned.
"Yeah. I had to wear pants today. I never wear pants," Banner says.
"I see. They look kinda small there," Mason realized.
"Yeah. I think I grew last night. I'm almost as tall as my brother," Banner says.
"You look taller. Remember when you were to my shoulder yesterday. Now we're the same height," Mason teased.
"Yep, I remember," Banner sighed.
Mason is one of these kids who not many people like. They will hang out with him to be nice, but he isn't really the nicest person. He boasts about how good he is at everything and how tall he is compared to everyone else (when he isn't that much taller than everyone else in their class).
Once Banner got into class his teacher, Mr. Rice, started to talk.
"Good morning class. Today is the start of Water Week. . ." Everybody started to cheer. "Calm down. First, we have to take a science test. After everyone is done, we can go outside and have fun," Mr. Rice mentions. Everyone starts to "boo". Mr. Rice passes out the tests and everyone gets started. Banner was good at science, so he was sure he was going to ace the test. When Banner got to the middle of the test, he got a sharp pain in his leg. Banner holds his leg so that maybe it wouldn't hurt so much. Suddenly, he start to hear a stretching sound. It sounded like the stretching of rubber. Banner looked down at his legs and saw what was the cause of the sound. He saw that his legs were getting longer. His knees were slowly inching up towards the top of the table. Banner's feet were slowly getting crunched more and more against the front of his shoes.
"You okay Banner?" Tanner asks.
"Huh. Oh yeah. I just thought I saw something," Banner replies.
"Okay," Tanner answers and then goes back to his test.
Banner's friend Tanner is one of the tallest people in Banner's class at about 5'2". The tallest person is Banner's friend Keith at 5'4".
Nobody heard the stretching sounds, which was a good thing. Finally, everyone finishes their test.
"Okay class, all of the tests are in," Mr. Rice starts, "Unfortunately, we cannot go outside to start the water relays. All of the 5th grade teachers agreed that it is too cold outside." Everyone "booed" again. "But," Mr. Rice said with emphasis, "we can make up for it tomorrow."
After Mr. Rice was talking, he let everyone do activities inside for the day.
The final school bell rings. Everyone stands up to get ready to leave for the day. Banner and Tanner stand up at the same time.
"You grew a lot last night Banner," Tanner realized. "You're the same height as me."
"Yeah," Banner chuckles, "I guess I did. I'll be as tall as my brother I think." Banner and Tanner say goodbye to each other and Banner walks home. When Banner gets home, he is greeted by his mom.
“How was your day Banner?” she asked.
“It was good,” Banner replied, “We didn’t get to do Water Week, but it was good.”
“Yeah. It was too cold outside. Why are your pants so short?” Banner’s mom questioned.
“I don’t know,” Banner lied. “They were short this morning.”
“I’ll get you new new ones this weekend. It shouldn’t be cold tomorrow,” Banner’s mom mentioned. “Go get washed up for dinner.”
As Banner is walking towards the bathroom, Harper bumps into him.
“Woah Banner, you’re huge!” Harper realized.
“What do you mean?” Banner asked, even though he knew what Harper meant.
“Look at you! You’re as tall as I am, and in 5th grade!” Harper screamed.
“Oh yeah,” Banner chuckled. “I guess I will outgrow you Harper.” Banner rubs Harper’s head, teasing him.
“Stop it,” he warned, “I could have sworn you were shorter than me this morning.”
“You must have not been fully awake yet. It was six o’clock,” Banner put out.
“I guess,” Harper agreed. Banner continues to walk to the bathroom to wash his hands. He was having party pizzas for dinner.
After dinner, Banner goes and sits on the family couch to watch TV. Suddenly, he gets another pain in his leg, weirdly again where the spider bit him. Banner holds his leg to soothe the pain. He then gets a warm feeling that goes all throughout his body. Once the pain was gone, he went back to watching TV not knowing what was going on. Banner did not realize that his body was starting to expand. His limbs were getting longer with every second. His clothes were slowly riding up Banner’s arms and legs. After about 3 seconds, the growth stopped.
“Banner, come to my room,” Harper yelled.
“Why?” Banner groaned.
“Just do it!” Harper yelled again. Banner got up and trudged over to Harper’s room. When he got there, he was slammed down onto the bed with pillows. Then, the door was shut. Banner knew exactly what was going on. Harper wanted to wrestle.
Banner had a smirk on his face then got up and threw his brother on the bed where he once was. Both of them laugh the whole time. Harper throws Banner to the floor. He has the high ground. Harper then lays, spread out, on Banner, preventing him from moving.
“Why are you laying on me?” Banner laughed. “You’re so heavy.”
“To beat you,” Harper responded.
Harper was laying on Banner in a way that made Banner feel weird. Banner was pinned down, stomach to the floor, with Harper’s 7th grader body laying on him. Harper’s legs we’re on Banner’s legs, feet onto feet, with Harper’s head only going to Banner’s nose. Again, Banner gets a jarring pain in his leg, this time much worse than any time before.
“Oww!” Banner screams, grabbing onto his lower right leg. Harper rolls off of Banner’s body to check on him.
“You okay Banner?” Harper asked.
“Yeah, I just I got a cramp in my leg,” Banner spoke.
“Hmm, okay. Well. . .” Harper said hurling himself back onto Banner’s body, preventing him from moving once again. Banner and Harper both laugh. Suddenly, both boys hear a stretching sound. Banner could feel his bones and his body slowly stretching and getting bigger. Harper didn’t know what the sound was coming from. Both of them stand up. Now, Harper only goes to Banner's shoulder.
“Do you hear that?” Harper asked.
“What?” Banner replied.
“It sounds like... ripping," Harper guessed. Harper wonders. He puts his ear onto Banner's exposed stomach. Banner has grown so much that his lower stomach was starting to show. Harper listens carefully to Banner's body. He finally realizes that the ripping sound that he heard was coming from Banner.
"It's coming from you Banner!" Harper announced. Banner immediately let out a huge moan of satisfaction, and maybe discomfort, as he inches upwards. Harper watches in awe. For about 5 whole seconds, Banner grows bigger and bigger. With each small spurt, Banner's knees bend and his legs twitch. Banner's clothes slowly ride up his body more and more. His pants are now well fitted around his calves and are getting tighter and higher up his legs. Banner's shirt slowly exposes more of Banner's six-pack along with his arms. Banner's feet slowly scoot across the floor with each inch of growth. After Banner stops growing, he stands at a whopping 5'8". Banner's pants now only go up to half of his calves. His pants are like leggings, not much slack. Banner's shirt is now a belly shirt, going just past his belly button and his sleeves going up to the crevasses of his arms.
"What was that!" Harper yelled to his not so little brother.
"I don't know!" Banner yelled back.
"You obviously had a huge growth spurt," Harper noticed. "You're huge!” Banner looks at his surroundings and realizes that Harper is right. Harper has to look up to talk to him.
"You're right Harper. I guess I did outgrow you before you grew again shorty," Banner teased as he rubbed his small brother's head.
"Cut it out!" Harper warned throwing Banner's huge hand off of him. Harper kneels down to Banner's feet to inspect them. "You have huge feet 'little bro'," he said.
"Hmm, I do," Banner realized. Immediately after Banner picked up his foot to see how big it was, he pushed Harper to the ground and pinned him under his foot. "Ha ha! What are you gonna do now!"
"This. . ." Harper commented. Harper takes his hands and tickles Banner's foot. Banner immediately picks his foot off of Harper. Harper then takes his fingers and runs then from Banner's foot all the way up his skinny, athletic legs and back down again, for a few minutes.
"That tickles," Banner giggles.
"You're legs are so long!" Harper says. Harper then tickles Banner's exposed belly. Banner giggles and falls onto Harper's bed. Banner's legs dangle off the edge of the bed. Harper falls on top of Banner.
"Why are you so big?" Harper wondered.
"I don't know," Banner responded. "I started to notice it today in school. I didn't think much of it."
"Hmm... That's weird," Harper stated. Their mom yells into the room, not looking at Banner.
"Boys," she started, "it's time for bed."
"Okay mom," both boys acknowledged. Banner starts to leave Harper's room to go to bed. Harper thinks to himself as he watches his gigantic brother walk away.
Man, I wonder why he is growing so much. I thought you only grow at night. Harper examines his brother's body.
He seems to be growing proportionally. He has long, skinny legs. His arms are also pretty long. Banner also has huge feet, maybe a size 10, and at ten years old. Harper doesn't linger too long on this.
The next morning, Banner jumps out of bed and walks into the kitchen. He bumps into his mom who stares at him.
"Woah. What happened to you? You're huge!" Banner's mom noted.
"I guess I had a growth spurt last night," Banner brought up.
"I guess," his mom agreed, "It had to have been a foot because you were about four foot ten, and now your my height, five foot eight. I'm gonna take you to the doctor after school to check this out."
Banner groans, "But I feel fine mom. I'm just a growing boy. . ."
Banner's mom interjects, "Maybe. Get ready Banner. We're leaving in fifteen minutes for school." Banner quickly eats his breakfast and then rushes to get dressed. Banner puts on his favorite shorts, means how it was not cold outside today. His shorts actually fit pretty well. Before, then were a bit big on him. Now they fit good. Maybe, too good. They were a bit snug on his backside. Banner then puts on a bigger shirt that he had in his closet. This shirt was like a dress. Now it fits really well. Banner finishes by putting on his small sandals. Banner only had size five and a half flip-flops, so his foot hung off the font and back of the shoe. That was okay because today Banner's grade was doing indoor water basketball.
After Banner got to school, he ran into Mason.
"Did you grow again last night Banner?" Mason questioned. "Yesterday you were my height and now you are a few like a whole foot taller than me!"
"Eight inches actually," Banner chuckled.
"Whatever," Mason grunted, "See you in class." Mason and Banner go their separate ways.
A few minutes later, Mr. Rice comes into the classroom.
"Okay class. Today we can start Water Week. It isn't cold today," he said. Everyone cheered. "Today we will be doing indoor water basketball. So everyone line up in a single file line and start to head towards the gym." Everyone gets up out of their seats and run to the door. Mason is in front, of course. Banner is the last person in line.
Banner thinks to himself. Man, I'm taller than everybody in my class. The tallest person only goes to my shoulder. Banner thinks that it is a bit weird to be the tallest, but he likes it. He has never been the tallest in his class, ever. Banner's class walks towards the gym. On the way there, Banner gets another sharp pain is his leg.
"Ooh!" Banner grunts.
"You okay Banner?" Liam asked.
"Yeah, I'm fine. I just got a cramp in my leg for a second," Banner said.
Once Banner and his class get into the gym, the fifth grade teachers pick 5 people in their class to go up against another class.
Mr. Davis picks the only five that put their hands up; Banner, Liam, Mason, Tanner, and another kid named Keith. Banner's new team plays first. Everyone was asked to take off their shows so that they wouldn't slip on the watered down court.
Tanner goes for the tipoff then passes it to Keith. Keith drives the ball down court, then passes it to Mason, who tries to go for a layup, but he misses. As Banner jogs downcourt, a distant stretching sound comes to his ears. Not paying any attention to it, he jumps up to take a layup. As he jogs back downcourt, he could feel his body slowly stretching and becoming bigger.
Mason gets fouled on a 3-point shot and gets to take 3 free throws. As Banner starts to line up for the foul shots, he gets a much larger pain in his leg. He doesn't show the pain because he doesn't want to be asked if he was okay. After Mason takes his first foul shot, Banner gets a tingle feeling in his leg. The person next to him, Cole, stares at Banner for a long time.
Banner soon asks, "What are you looking at Cole?"
"Oh nothing. You just seem tall for a 5th grader," Cole replied.
"I'm only 5'8"," Banner says, "It's not that tall." Suddenly a stretching sound could be heard through the gym.
"You hear that Banner," Cole asks in a scared tone. Cole looks at Banner and screams. "Oh my gosh!"
"What?" Banner yells. Banner then realizes what Cole was screaming at when he let out a pretty loud moan. As Banner gave out the moan of pleasure, he started to grow. Banner was growing in small spurts. His clothes slowly inched higher and higher up his body. Within a few minutes, Banner's shirt was a belly-shirt and his short were now really short shorts. At this point Banner was at least 7 foot tall. Most of Banner's classmates only go to the bottom of his chest
"You're huge Banner!" Mason exclaimed.
"Really, I didn't notice." Banner said sarcastically. Mason walks over to Banner's leg and places his foot next to Banner's. Mason's foot was at least 2 times smaller than Banner's.
"Look at our foot sizes Banner," Mason commented.
"Yeah, I have big feet," Banner chuckled. "What are you doing Mason?" Banner sees Mason get down on his knees and put his hands on Banner's foot.
"Nothing," Mason says in a devilish tone. Mason takes his hands and starts to tickle Banner's foot.
"Stop Mason," Banner giggles. Banner lifts up his foot and steps back. He doesn't realize that Tanner is behind him and Banner steps on Tanner.
"Help!" Tanner screams.
"Oh no!" Banner realizes. "Sorry Tan. . ." Banner gets interrupted by an immense pain in his leg. Banner screams in pain and grabs his leg, while still standing on Tanner. Suddenly, the gym is filled with a stretching sound.
“Ahh!” Banner moans as he has a huge growth spurt of at least 5 feet. Banner’s legs bend and he opens his hands as he grows. Banner’s foot slowly consumes Tanner’s body as it grows. Soon, Tanner’s body is halfway covered by Banner’s huge foot. Banner’s clothes are luckily growing with him now, so he doesn’t have to worry about outgrowing his clothes.
After Banner’s growth spurt ends, he apologizes to Tanner.
“Sorry Tanner,” Banner apologizes.
“It’s okay Banner,” Tanner acknowledges his giant friend.
“You’re huge now Banner,” Mason says as he leans on Banner’s leg. Most of his classmates are now the size of his leg. Banner has to be at least 12 feet tall.
After about five minutes of all of the fifth grade staring at Banner, Mason gets antsy and jumps onto Banner’s foot again.
“What are you doing Mason?” Banner questions him.
“Nothing,” Mason replies sitting down on Banner’s foot. Mason starts to squirm and wiggle on top of Banner’s foot. He then puts his ear to his foot. “Do you hear that?” The room goes quiet.
“What?” Tanner asks.
“It’s another ripping sound,” Mason says. Immediately after Mason says this, Banner lets out another small grunt of pleasure.
“Uhh,” Banner moans as he has another growth spurt, this time about two and a half feet. Banner’s legs bend and tremble as he grows. This makes his feet shake, shaking Mason off of Banner’s foot.
“Done moaning now?” Mason sarcastically says after Banner stops growing. Nope. Banner was not done growing. After that first growth spurt, another pain comes to Banner’s leg, this time not so bad. Banner’s body continues to inch upward. This growth spurt was about three and a half feet, making Banner stand at about 18 feet tall. Banner’s classmates are now about as tall as Banner’s calf.
Tanner looks at Banner’s skinny calf and rubs his hand up and down it, as if he was inspecting it.
“Hey,” Banner says pulling his leg back from Tanner’s reach.
“Now what?” Tanner asks everyone.
“First one to his head wins the basketball trophy for their class!” Mason screams out into the gym. Of course he had to say this. All 144 fifth grade student comes running down from the bleachers and start to climb Banner.
“Uhh... what am I supposed to do?” Banner chuckles in a scared tone.
“Don’t let people to the top of you!” Mason screams. As everybody sprints towards Banner, Banner tries to step back to avoid everyone. He only hits the back wall preventing him from avoiding the inevitable. Banner turns to the right as hoards of kids start to climb his legs.
“Guys... stop!” Banner laughs hard trying to pick people off of him. Another stretching sound overpowers the roaring of students, and Banner gets a very bad jarring pain in his leg.
“Ouch!” Banner screams in pain holding his right calf with both hands. Soon after, Banner once again shoots upward. Banner lets go of his leg and looks up toward the ceiling as he lets out a very loud moan. Banner’s legs tremble a lot with this huge surge of growth. Banner’s body shakes, shaking almost everyone off of him
Banner grows for a good three seconds, but the growth was a lot. He grew at least 1 and a half feet in the first second. The next second was another 2 feet making Banner have to bend his knees to not hit his head on the ceiling. In the final second, Banner grew 2 and a half feet making him slam his head against the roof of the gym. This made Banner have to sit on his knees to even fit in the room. After the growing stopped, Banner was at least 24 feet tall! He couldn’t fit in the gym standing, but he had some room sitting down to stretch out.
Everyone stared up at Banner. They had no words.
“What?” Banner asked everyone.
“We don’t know,” Tanner said. Banner stretched out his legs, leaning his back against the West wall of the gym. Now stretched out, Banner’s head went halfway up the wall against the ceiling and his legs were about halfway across the gym floor.
Tanner asks again, “Now what?”
“I’ll tell you what,” Mr. Rice said. “I hope you didn’t forget that there are still adults in here.” Everyone went quiet. “What we need to do now is get out of here and call the police. The police and Banner’s parents can deal with this.” Mr. Rice leads everyone in a jog out the front doors of the gym. Right as everyone was about to get to the door, Banner’s long arm gets in the way.
Mason and a few other kids try to jump over Banner’s giant arm. It was no use though. Banner’s arm was at least the height of the exit doors.
“What the heck!” Keith blurted out.
“What is this Banner!?” Mr. Rice demanded.
“You can’t tell my parents,” Banner cried. “They can’t know.”
“Why not?” Mr. Rice asked.
“I don’t know,” Banner replied, “they just can’t.” Banner was now laying on his stomach so that he could put his arm in front of the front exit doors. Banner gets another pain in his leg.
He cries out in pain, “Ahh!” Almost immediately, Banner starts growing again. Everyone backs up to stay clear of Banner’s expanding body. After about five seconds, Banner slams his head against the wall of the doors.
“Ow!” Banner shrieked as he continued to grow.
“Everyone to the back doors!” Mr. Rice yells to all 145 fifth grade students over the overwhelming sound of stretching coming from Banner’s body.
“No!” Banner yells as his feet hit the back wall of the gym. “You can’t leave!” Banner moves his foot over so that his toes cover the back exit doors. Banner finally stops growing. That growth made Banner grow about 6 feet making him about 30 feet tall. About 20 students try to move Banner’s giant, long toes from over the doors so that everyone could escape. Banner feels this and gets chills all about his body. He tries to prevent himself from giggling from the tickle feeling, but it was really hard. Whatever the kids tried to do, Banner’s toes would just go back into place.
Banner’s head was now starting to hurt from being pushed up against the wall so hard. His legs were also starting to hurt from being bent for so long. Banner had to bend his knees so that he wouldn’t burst through the building.
“Move your toes Banner!” Many students yelled out.
“No!” Banner yelled back as he repositioned himself so that his arms covered both exits. “I won’t let you leave!”
Banner was now positioned in the gym so that his head was against the East wall and his feet were up against the West wall. Except, Banner had to lay with his feet up in the air. He was too big to fully lay out in the gym. Banner’s feet were touching the ceiling of the gym. Both of his arms covered any exit out of the gym. Any more growing and Banner may break out of the gym.
“There,” Banner panted, “now you can’t leave.”
“What do you expect us to do now?” Tanner complained.
“I don’t know,” Banner said. “Figure something out.” Everyone huddled into a circle.
“Okay,” Mr. Rice whispered, “what now?” Mr. Rice was clearly out of ideas, or he just didn’t know what to do with a giant 5th grader.
“I don’t know,” Liam whispered, “he has both exits closed off.”
“We could try to force his arm out of the way,” Kieth mentioned.
“Okay,” Mr. Rice started, “how do we do that?”
“He is extremely ticklish,” Tanner quietly stated.
“How do you know that?” Mason asked in a weird tone.
“Because,” Tanner started, annoyed, “whenever I go to his house, he giggles with a little brush of his foot or leg.”
“That’s weird you know that,” Mason said.
“Also,” Tanner emphasized, “he laughed whenever we climbed his body earlier.”
“Okay boys,” Mr. Rice interjected, dissolving the argument. “Good idea Tanner, but where is he ticklish?”
“Everywhere!” Tanner said in a loud whisper. “On his legs, feet, stomach, neck, arms, armpits. almost anywhere. You have to brush the areas lightly to get max effect."
“Okay, we need to split off into groups,” Mr. Rice said taking command. “Some of you go on top on his legs thighs and calves, some go to both of his arms, and the rest go to his stomach”
“By the way,” Tanner mentioned, "use your fingernails and lightly scratch your areas. That’ll get him good.”
“Okay, ready break!” Mr. Rice said going underneath Banner’s stomach. Mr. Rice has kids of his own and knows how to tickle really good.
“What are you guys doing?” Banner asks the group of kids going to his left arm.
"Nothing..." a girl named Maya said.
"Hmm, okay then," Banner said suspiciously. Banner repositions himself so that his head wasn't being crushed up against the wall. This makes his feet be lower to the ground, low enough for kids to reach. It also makes a little tunnel underneath his stomach so that people could just fit under.
Mr. Rice positions himself so that he is laying down under Banner's belly. He is right under his six-pack. Mr. Rice gives a little tickle of Banner's stomach.
"Yes, he felt it!" Mr. Rice whispered to himself. Banner's stomach gave a little flinch when Mr. Rice tickled him.
Mason and Tanner go to Banner's calves and feet with another 50 students. Keith and Liam go to either of Banner's arms with other 20 kids at each. Mr. Rice and 50 other fifth grade students went underneath Banner's stomach to tickle him.
"I can't believe we're actually doing this," Tanner scoffed.
"What, don't you want to get out of here?" Mason asked. Tanner nodded. "Then this is the only way."
"I just wish there was another way," Tanner sighed. "I don't really want to do this to my friend."
Mason noticed, "I heard some resistance in there."
"What do you mean?" Tanner questioned.
"I heard in your voice, like you sort of want to do this," Mason said.
"I mean..." Tanner smiled. "Maybe..."
Mason mocked, "Ah ha! I knew it."
"I mean," Tanner started, "I don't feel comfortable doing this, but I do want to tickle Banner, a little." Mason snorts. Tanner and Mason stop talking to look for Mr. Rice's signal.
Mr. Rice looks at all the groups and gives a thumbs up; they do the same. The stomach group starts tickling first. They use their fingernails and hair to brush up against Banner's exposed stomach. Banner feels this and giggles.
"What are you guys doing," Banner giggles. Mason and Tanner's group start tickling Banner’s legs and feet. Mason rubs his fingers up and down Banner’s long calves. While Tanner tickles the front of his foot.
“What are you doing?” Banner giggled again. When Banner starts to move his feet and legs around, the last two groups start tickling. The arm groups start to drag their fingers up and down Banner’s arms.
“Nothing’s happening, Mason yells out. Tanner comes over to Mason and tells him something.
“Mason, get in between his toes and rub the bottom’s of his feet,” Tanner said.
“Why?” Mason questioned.
“This should get him good,” Tanner explained. Mason nodded and went over to one of Banner’s feet, Tanner going to the other. When Mason gets over to Banner’s foot, he wedges his skinny body in between his giant toes. Tanner does the same. In unison, Tanner and Mason use their finger technique and start to tickle Banner’s huge feet. Banner could feel something stuck in between his toes.
“That tickles!” Banner laughs. Suddenly, Banner gets a very large pain in his leg.
“Ahh!” Banner screams out in pain. The kids rubbing his right leg saw Banner’s calf tighten up, sort of flexing his calf muscle. Just then, Banner starts to grow again.
Without warning, Tanner and Mason get stuck in Banner’s toes. As Banner grows Banner’s feet slide across the ground, slowly making him do the splits more. The arm groups just watch Banner’s skinny arm get longer and longer. The people underneath Banner’s stomach watch in amazement as Banner’s six pack grows upward, getting father away from them.
Banner finally stops growing after bout 15 seconds. This time Banner grew at least 2 feet. Banner back was now bent so that he could fit in the gym. He repositioned himself so that his head was against one wall and his knees were up in the air. Except, his knees were touching the ceiling of the gym and his toes were crunched up against the opposite wall. Banner’s arms still block the exits.
“Help us!” Tanner and Mason both screech.
“What are you guys doing in my toes?” Banner giggles. “Your squirming tickles.”
Mr. Rice and other kids help Tanner and Mason get free. As soon as they get free, Banner starts to grow again.
“Ooh!” Banner grunts in satisfaction. Banner’s toes start to ride up the wall. Just then, Banner has a huge growth spurt of 5 feet. It was a miracle that Banner could still fit in the gym. Banner wasn’t down growing, though. Banner has another growth spurt of at lest 3 feet making his feet bust through the wall with a loud boom. Banner’s legs go storming out of the gym like water rushing from a broken dam. When Banner finished growing, he was at least 40 feet tall, being taller than a lot of buildings. Banner’s legs were so long that his thighs were now stuck in the holes in the wall. Banner’s feet outside were as tall as, if not taller, than the school building. The school building is about 20 feet tall.
“Finally, some more room,” Banner sighed in relief. All of the 5th grade students watch as Banner fidgets, trying to get out of the building.
“You’re actually huge Banner!” Mason concludes.
“Really, didn’t notice,” Banner says sarcastically.
“How did this happen?” Tanner asked Banner.
“I don’t know,” Banner started. “A spider bit me a few nights ago on my leg, but I don’t think that had anything to do with it.”
“What color was the spider?” Mr. Rice questioned.
“I don’t remember,” Banner stated. “It kind of looked like a ladybug.”
“Not good,” Mr. Rice realized.
“Why is this not good?” Banner asked.
“Because that spider is from a secret lab that tests new substances,” Mr. Rice said. “The spider was on the news for being lost. The news said to not let it bite you, it could be fatal.”
“It obviously isn’t,” Banner said looking at himself. “It just makes the person grow nonstop.”
“Can we leave now?” Mason asked eagerly.
“Umm...” Banner hummed. “If I try to get out of here, the building will crash on top of you. I got it! Jump into my hand. I can carry you out of the gym.”
“Then will you let us go?” Tanner asks.
“Um no,” Banner said quickly.
“Why!” Everyone yelled.
“I still don’t want my parents to find out,” Banner said innocently.
“You’ll be on the news in no time,” Mr. Rice noted. “I’m sure they’ll find out soon.
After Mr. Rice was done talking everyone climbed into Banner’s huge hand. Banner picked everyone up and closed his hand, being careful not to crush anyone. Banner then tries to wiggle his way out of the gym. It was no use. Luckily, Banner starts to grow again. Banner grows four feet quickly making his head burst out of the other side of the gym. This makes the gym’s stability give way, and the building falls on top of Banner. He doesn’t get hurt, it was just a little heavy on his body. Banner lifts his hand to make sure everyone was okay.
“Everyone okay in there?” Banner asked. He opens his hand to see tiny people crouching down on his hand. “I guess that’s a yes.”
Banner looks around at his surroundings. Everything looked a lot smaller compared to him. He felt like he could easily pick up a building from the ground. Banner then looks at his legs. His legs go all the way into the field by the playground. Banner stands up and stretches.
“Woah!” Banner squealed as he stumbles to gain his balance. He has to get used to his new height. Banner was so big that the school building only goes to his thighs. Banner could see far into the distance.
A tiny car pulls up to Banner’s feet. A person starts to speak into a loud speaker.
“Young man,” an elderly man spoke, “you need to come with me.”
“Why?” Banner questioned.
“I wouldn’t question the authorities Banner,” Mr. Rice corrected.
“I can fix you,” the man said “I know the person who can bring you back to your normal size.”
“Really!” Banner shrieked in happiness. Just then, Banner gets another pain in his leg. He lets out a moan as he grows upward.
“Oh my gosh!” The elderly man gasped. As Banner grows, his feet slowly consume the cars below him, crushing them.
“Whoops, sorry,” Banner giggled as he stops growing. He now stood at an amazing 50 feet tall.
“Come with us and we can fix you,” the man yelled into the speaker.
“Hold on,” Banner said as he picked up the man. He brought him up to his chest so that they could walk faster. Banner’s walking compared to theirs was like 50 steps for them and 1 step for him.
“What was that for boy!” the man screamed at Banner.
“So that we can go faster,” Banner sassed.
“Fine,” the man agreed, “head downtown.” Banner starts to head toward downtown. He quickly glances behind him to see a giant footprint in the grass. Banner thought that that was cool.
The man glances over to Banner’s other hand to see everyone else.
“Who are you guys?” the man questioned.
“We’re the fifth graders and I’m a teacher here,” Mr. Rice answered.
“Did he capture you?” the man interrogated.
“No, we were just in the wrong place at the wrong time,” Mr. Rice vocalized. “What’s your name sir?”
“My name is David Foster,” the man said. “I work for a scientist downtown.”
“Good to meet you sir,” Mr. Rice greeted.
“How did this boy get this huge anyway?” Mr. Foster interrogated.
“Banner here, said that he was bit by a spider, and every since he hasn’t stopped growing,” Mr. Rice explained. David got a surprised loo on his face that said that he’s seen something like this before.
As Banner walked along the street, many cars stopped and bumped into his feet. Each step Banner took left a huge footprint in the ground. All of the building only go to Banner’s calves. The bridge over the road also only goes to Banner’s thighs. Banner towered over everything he came across.
After about 5 minutes of walking, Banner reaches downtown. Banner compares his height with the tall buildings like two kids would compare heights. The buildings downtown were either a little taller than him or they tower over him, by a lot.
“Go to that round building over there,” David pointed out. Just as Banner reaches the building, a woman sticks her head out the window and screams.
“David!?” the woman screamed.
“Martha!” David waves over to her.
“Who is this? And why is so huge!” Martha asked looked at Banner.
“This is Banner.” Banner waved at her with his cute smile. “Remember that spider?”
“Yeah why?” Martha answered.
“This is Banner and he was bit by that spider, or so he claims,” David explains.
“Yeah, it was weird,” Banner added as he put the 5th graders and Mr. Foster in Martha’s window.
“That’s a lot of kids,” Martha chuckled nervously. When Martha and David met, they kissed.
“Hello there miss,” Mr. Rice greeted. “I am Mr. Rice and these are all 5th graders.”
“Hello Mr. Rice, I am Dr. Martha Foster,” Mrs. Foster said greeting him. “Feel free to call me Martha.”
“We were told that you can fix Banner out there,” Mr. Rice mentioned.
“Yes I think I can,” Martha explained. “I work with new potions and other new substances.”
“Yeah, I saw on the news,” Mr. Rice said.
“Yep,” Martha started. “One of my test spiders got free and ran away. I don’t know how it got all the way to him, but the spider had a new growth formula in it. I was hoping to make the spiders bigger, then this could be used in future kids medicine and other things like vitamins to help with their growth.”
“Well it worked pretty well I think,” Mr. Rice chuckled.
Martha agreed, “I guess so. I still had to get out kinks with how much to put into foods and medicine and how much the growth would produce.”
“Well you can help Banner out, right?” Tanner begged.
“Of course,” Martha reassured him. “I’ll try my best to get him back to him normal height, with his growth hormones staying the same for the future. He might leave here a bit taller than what he was before his growth exploded.”
“As long as he gets back to normal,” Tanner said relieved. Dr. Foster quickly got to work on an antidote to her growth formula.
This building has to be at least 150 feet tall. Banner looks into the 10th floor window.
“So can I be normal size again?” Banner asks everyone.
“Hopefully yes,” Mason jumps in. Immediately after Mason said that, Banner gets a pain in his right calf, this time much worse than any other time. It felt like a car just ran over his leg. Banner quickly grabs on to his leg to try and relieve the pain. Instead, Banner stands back up to grow. Banner’s growth was different too. His growth was constant and he just grew upwards without stopping, unlike his other growths where they were in spurts.
“Uh, Dr. Foster,” Mason alerted pointing outside. Martha immediately stopped her work to examine Banner’s growth. Banner continues to grow for another 10 seconds after Dr. Foster got to the window. Martha experienced the growth of a young boy. She watched as his body grew proportionally and a lot. Banner stopped growing when he hit 70 feet tall. The 150 foot building wasn’t so tall now. After Banner’s growth, he went from looking directly into the 10th floor window to his exposed 6-pack looking into the window. Banner had to kneel to look into the window.
“That was incredible!” Martha explained in excitement as her formula worked. Banner then shoots up another 10 feet letting out a soothing moan, making his thighs look into the window.
“Oh you weren’t done,” Martha gasped.
Banner knees down to asks Dr. Foster a question.
“Are you sure you can help me?” Banner questions her.
“Yes, I am sure,” Dr. Foster reassures him. “I have the smarts and the resources to make an antidote for you.”
“Thank you!” Banner thanked her.
5 minutes later, a timer on Dr. Foster’s machine goes off. Martha takes out the vial and sucks it all up in a syringe.
She explains as she opens the huge window, “Okay Banner, this is the antidote. Stand up and I can inject it into you.”
“Okay, I’m ready!” Banner said excitedly. “I will miss being big though. Do it Dr. Foster.”
Dr. Foster sticks the needle into Banner’s thigh and injects him with the antidote. Everyone crowds the window to experience what was about to happen. Banner stands back in the street to get a good glimpse of him goin back to normal.
It was about 30 seconds and nothing happened.
“Um, nothing’s happening,” Banner pointed out.
“That can’t be,” Martha exclaims. “Maybe it takes a while to circulate your huge body.” Suddenly, Banner gets a fuzzy feeling course through his body.
“I think it’s working!” Banner screams in excitement. “I feel all fuzzy inside. It kind of tickles,” Banner giggles. Banner gets an
enormous pain in both legs. It almost makes him fall over.
“You okay Banner?” Martha asks him eagerly.
“Is it supposed to hurt this much to go back to normal?” Banner panted as her stood back up.
“I don’t know,” she started. “It may be your body getting ready to shrink. It may be your bones shrinking, you just haven’t seen any effects yet. It could be anything.”
Banner’s body starts to shake.
“I don’t think it wo.... ah!” Banner squeals loudly as his body shoot upward. Banner’s body grows continuously, and really fast. He grew at least 5 feet in five seconds. Banner involuntarily opens his hands and bends his knees as he grows. A stretching sound could be heard from miles away.
“I don’t understand,” Dr. Foster stutters to herself.
“Help me!” Banner cries as his knees pass the window. Martha sprints back to her work station and looks at her ingredients.
“I’m so stupid,” she stormed smacking her head.
“What’s wrong Martha?” Mr. Rice asks.
“I used magnesium and phosphorus instead of glyphosate,” she explained.
“Sorry, but that sounds like gillyweed and knotgrass from Harry Potter,” Mr. Rice compared over the sound of stretching outside.
“Basically, I used the growth formula instead of the antidote,” Dr. Foster simplified. Mr. Rice gave a look like he was saying, “seriously”.
“Hello, the building only goes to my stomach now!” Banner screams.
“Right,” Martha said rushing to get her antidote vial. She runs over to the window while sucking the antidote into the syringe.
Right as she is about to jab it into Banner’s skin, he stops growing.
“That’s a relief,” Tanner sighed. The building now only goes to Banner’s waist. He has to be at least 350 feet tall. He is coming close to the heights of the tallest buildings downtown. Everyone looks out the window at Banner. They could look at his just looking at his hands and below him.
“I’m actually huge!” Banner realized. His toes are starting to ride up the side of the building. His feet were bigger than the width of the road.
“Ready to be back to normal Banner?” Martha asked.
“Yes! Inject me already!” Banner demanded politely.
Just as the syringe came out the window for a second time, Banner lets out an agonizing scream. He grows another 150 feet, surpassing every building downtown. He had to be at least 500 feet tall! Banner's feet were bent against the building. His feet were bigger than the road, by a lot. Banner looks around.
“I’m taller than everything around! That has to be a record,” Banner chuckled. “You guys only go to the middle of my calf. You must be so small on the ground compared to me.”
“Ready now?” Mr. Rice asks, ready to get this experience over with.
“Yes, I’m ready,” Banner responded. “My everything from my legs down are killing me. My toes are so far up the building.”
Dr. Foster injects the antidote into Banner’s right calf.
“I just want to remember this feeling. Of being the biggest thing out here. I literally tower over everything insight,” Banner remarks.
Banner gets a cool chill run through his body. He then begins to shrink.
“Yay it’s working!” Banner said thankful. The shrinking was steady. After about 5 minutes of shrinking, he was back down to normal height. Everyone runs out of the building and surrounds Banner.
“He is still pretty tall doctor,” Mason realized. “Are you sure it worked fully”
“Yes, I’m sure,” Martha chuckled. “He just may be tall from now on, I don’t know. He still has to go though puberty still” Mason stands back-to-back with Banner to compare heights.
“What! He’s still a whole head taller than me,” Mason shouted. “He’s gotta be at least 5’6”! I don’t think the antidote worked fully.”
“I think it did,” Banner interjected. “I like being normal size.”
“5’6” isn’t normal for a 5th grader,” Mason said. Everyone laughed.
“We should get home. It’s almost three o’clock,” Mr. Rice said breaking up the conversation.
“I can give you a ride home in my bus,” Dr. Foster offered.
“Thank you,” Mr. Rice thanked her.
On the bus ride home, they passed by many giant footprints that Banner made.
Banner thought to himself about the feeling of being tall. He liked it. Banner enjoyed being the biggest person and he enjoyed the feeling of growing. Even if it meant occasionally pains in his legs.
After thirty minutes of driving, they finally made it back to school.
“Thank you for helping me Dr. Foster,” Banner thanked.
“You’re welcome Banner,” Dr. Foster replied.
“I enjoyed growing, and getting back to normal,” he giggled.
“Well, you know where to find me of it happens again,” Martha said.
“Hopefully it doesn’t,” Mr. Rice laughed.
“Bye kids!” Martha yelled out to everyone. “Remember, if you want to grow like Banner, eat your vegetables.” Everyone laughed. Dr. Foster drives off.
Mason gets down on the ground and runs his finger up the backs of Banner’s legs.
“Hey, what’s that for?” Banner giggled.
“You clothes are ripped and your shoes don’t fit anymore,” Mason mentioned. Banner looked at his body skinny legs and agreed.
“Oh yeah, my clothes are destroyed. I’m sure I wouldn’t fit in any of clothes anymore anyway because I’m taller and I have bigger feet,” Banner chuckled.
A few minutes later, Banner’s mom arrives to pick him up.
As Banner hops into the car Banner’s mom asks, “What happened to your clothes? They’re shredded.”
“Today in our games we had to cut up our clothes,” Banner lied.
“Uh huh, well I’m taking you to the doctor to explain your sudden growing,” Banner’s mom reminds him.
Banner grunts, “I’m fine mom! I feel fine.”
Later, after the doctor examines Banner’s body and his suspicious shredded clothing, he comes to a conclusion.
“Yes ma’am he grew. He was 4’10” and now he is 5’6”,” the doctor explains his analysis.
“Why did he grow so much though?” Banner’s mom asks, concerned.
“No reason,” the doctor said. “He is just a healthy, growing boy who had a growth spurt of 8 inches. He’ll be fine, just get him new clothes.”
“Thanks doctor,” Banner’s mom thanks him leaving the building.
“Told you mom, I’m fine.”

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