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Everything and everyone around Ashton Myler shrinks, except him.
Ashton Myler is a 14 year old boy from Draper, Utah. He is best known from the YouTube channel Ninja Kidz TV. He is a rather small boy at being only about 4'10” with his 9th grade classmates being around 5'6”.Sometimes he is mistaken for a 5th or 6th grader because of his height. Though, he is not picked on because he is very athletic, being in gymnastics and karate, and is very handsome. Almost all the girls think that Ashton is cute.

The date is January twenty-ninth and Ashton is getting ready for bed. Tomorrow is his birthday and he will be turning fifteen.
"Good night mom," Ashton tells out of his room. He then shuts his door.
Tonight is a rather cold night in Utah at being about twenty-nine degrees outside. Ashton pulls on his comfy, red and black sweaty pants and his favorite red shirt. Ashton climbs into bed and pulls his red comforter all the up. With him being a smaller kid, he was able to cover his whole body with his comforter. He quickly drifts off to sleep. About three hours later, Ashton gets a cold chill over his bare feet. He pulls the covers down a bit so that his feet were covered. What seemed like ten minutes later, he gets another cold chill across his feet. Ashton wakes up to try and get himself under the covers better.

"That's weird," he said, "I could have sworn I got under the blanket earlier. I must not have." Ashton shrugged, covered himself back up, and went back to sleep.
Ashton assumed that he covered himself with the wrong side of the blanket, so that's why his feet were uncovered.
The next morning Ashton is woken up by a pain on his head.
"Ow!" He yelped. Ashton had just hit his head on the frame of his bed. His feet were also rested up against the other side of the bed frame.
"That's weird. I was must have grown last night." Ashton jumps out of bed and walks downstairs.

"Happy birthday my son!" Ashton's dad said.
"Thanks dad," Ashton responded.
"You look taller Ash. You must've grown last night," his mom exclaimed. "Hurry and eat or you'll be late for school."
Ashton quickly eats his delicious breakfast and runs back upstairs to get dressed.

"Huh," Ashton said, "none of my clothes fit. I guess I'll be wearing this today." Ashton then goes to put his shoes on.
"My shoes are also a little tight. I guess I grew a lot last night," Ashton guessed. Ashton rushes downstairs and out the door to meet his siblings at the bus stop.

"Morning Ash," his siblings said.
"Happy birthday Ash!" his older brother Bryton said.
"Yeah, happy birthday Ashton!" his younger sister Payton said.
"You look taller Ashton," Payton's twin brother Paxton said.
"Yeah, I must have grown last night," Ashton said.
"Yeah Ashton. You're almost as tall as me. You were a head shorter than me yesterday and now you’re to my nose," Bryton mentioned.

Ashton's siblings are Kayson (the youngest), Payton and Paxton (the twins), and Bryton (the oldest). Bryton is normal height for a 16 year old. Paxton is on the small end for a 6th grader at being about 4'5”, but is not the smallest. Payton is pretty small at only being 4'2” at 12 years old. Kayson is normal height a 6 year old at being about 3'10”.

Kayson is home schooled for his first year of school, but the other Myler siblings have to go to school. Later when they get to school, Ashton meets up with his friend Asia.

"Hey Asia," Ashton said.
"Hey Ashton, happy birthday. You're taller, we were the same height yesterday, and now you're a head taller than me," Asia recognized.
"Yeah. I guess I had a growth spurt last night," Ashton spoke. "We should get to class." Ashton and Asia go to class and go about their day. Later, Ashton meets up with his siblings. Payton and Paxton suddenly remembered that they had an after school activity so Ashton and Bryton stay to watch. The Myler siblings get back home around six o'clock.

"Come and eat guys," Ashton's mom yells across the house. After dinner everyone goes into the family room and watches a movie.
At about ten o'clock Ashton's dad says, "Time for bed guys, it's late. And a growing boy needs his sleep." Referring to Ashton being taller.

"Okay," Ashton said. When Ashton got to his room he got undressed. Well, if taking off your socks is considered getting undressed. It was still cold outside so Ashton kept his shirt and pants on to stay warm. As Ashton climbs into bed he remembers that he grew last night.
"Oh yeah. I'm the length of my bed. I guess I'll have to sleep in a ball." Ashton didn't mind though. He just thought that he would stay warmer in the night. So, Ashton gets into a comfortable position, pulls up his blanket and drifts off to sleep.
That night something weird happens to Ashton. As Ashton sleeps through the night his feet start to slowly creep out into the open. Ashton's blanket was shrinking. Why was this happening? Ashton doesn't notice a thing. He continues to sleep through the night.
The next morning was a bit weird. Ashton wakes up to his alarm clock blazing in his ear.

"Ugh," Ashton groans in a just waking up tone. He slams down on the alarm clock and accidently breaks it.
"Whoops," Ashton sighed, "I guess I'll get another one later." Ashton swings his legs over the edge of his bed and places his head on his bent knees.

"Huh?" Ashton wondered. "Wha.. what?" He was so confused. Ashton stands up and slams his head on the ceiling of his room.
"Ouch!" Ashton yelped. Ashton had to bend his neck so that he didn't have to bend his knees. Ashton walks over to the door of his room and tries to get out. He tries to walk through like he normally would.

"I.. don't... fit.." Ashton then bends his knees and walks out of the room. Ashton's room was about 10 feet in height, so for him to have to bend his neck to fit in the room is insane. He has to be at least 12 feet tall. Ashton walks down the hallway but notices something. He notices that his clothes still fit him. The clothes that he is wearing didn't shrink as he grew. This makes Ashton think that he isn't growing. As Ashton continues down the hallway with his head bent against the ceiling, his sister comes out of her room.

"Oh my gosh!" Payton screamed. "What the heck happened to you! Why are you so huge!"
"I don't know! I just woke up like this." Ashton said. Payton walks up to Ashton’s giant, long legs and compares her height to his leg.
"I only go to your thigh!" Payton exclaimed.
"My lower thigh," Ashton chuckled.
"Whatever," Payton replied. “You really need to get this checked out.”
“Why?” Ashton asked. “I feel fine, and I kind of like being his big.”
“But you almost don’t fit into anything. Look at you now.” Payton exclaimed. Payton gave him the look.
“Fine. After school.” Ashton said. Bryton walks out of his room meets up with Ashton and Payton. He leans on Ashton’s leg.
“What’s up guys?” He asked.
“Ashton’s up!” Payton said. “He is literally taller than this wall. He has to bend his neck to fit in here.”
“Hmm,” Bryton hummed. “I think he’s fine look.” Bryton tickles Ashton’s giant foot.
Ashton giggles, “Hey, stop it! That tickles!”
“I think he’s fine,” Bryton concluded. Payton gave a shocked look. She then shrugged he shoulders and walked away.
Ashton finishes his weird trip downstairs. He grabbed a leftover pancake to-go and hid from his parents. He didn’t want them to see him like this. Luckily, he never saw his parents that morning. At around 8:45, Bryton yells across the house for everyone to leave for school. Once everyone is out the door, Ashton struggles to get out.
Ashton grunts as he tries to get out. He has to carry his bag because it is too small to put on his back. Ashton puts his head through the front door and tries to pull himself out of his tiny house.
“I’m stuck!” He exclaimed.
“We can see that,” Paxton laughed.
“What’s so funny?” Ashton asked Paxton.
“Oh nothing. I just like to see you struggle to get out the door. It’s funny,” Paxton replied with his honest opinion.
“Here,” Payton said. She opened the second door to their front door so that Ashton could slide himself out of the house.
“Thanks Pay,” Ashton thanked Payton.
“Yep,” she replied, “Did you grow some more? I only go to your knee now.”
“Umm... no. I don’t t think so,” Ashton guessed. “If I would have grown some more, my clothes would be shrinking.”
Ashton and his siblings walk to school. When they get into the school building, Ashton gets some looks thrown his way.
He now has to walk with his back put up to the ceiling. Ashton has to bend his back so that he can fit in a school building. As he slowly walks down the hallways, his huge feet make loud booms. He isn’t wearing any shoes because they shrank, and he can’t fit into them anymore.
Ashton finally gets into his classroom after a good 5 minutes of struggling. Ashton goes about his school day, but a little different. Since his school doesn’t switch classes like normal high schools, he can stay in one room for a while. Ashton has to sit on the floor to be able to fit in the room. As the day progressed, Ashton realized that his head was slowly getting closer to the ceiling. Towards the end of the day, he had to bend his neck -while sitting down- to be able to still fit in the room.
When the lunch bell rang, Ashton was swarmed by all of his classmates.
Ashton said in a nervous tone, “H-hey guys, w-what’s up?” Ashton was now sitting with his legs bent up, instead of crisscrossed.
One of his classmates David said, “What happened to you Ashton? Yesterday, you were the normal size of a ninth grader.”
“I don’t really know what happened. I just woke up like this,” Ashton mentioned. His classmates started to walk towards him, so Ashton started to scoot back until his back hit the wall.
“W-what are you guys doing?” Ashton asked nervously.
“Oh nothing,” a boy named Karl said.
There was something going on. Ashton’s classmates started to walk into his pant legs. It was like they were trying to climb into his pants. It felt like a feather rubbing up and down on your legs. Ashton was already very ticklish, so he had a fun time with this.
While preventing himself from laughing, Ashton blurted out, “W-what are you guys doing? Mmmm”
Ashton’s classmates were climbing higher and higher up his legs. This made Ashton have to push his legs out to make them straight. Pushing his legs out made the desks in the way move around.
“Whoops,” Ashton chuckled.
Man did Ashton’s classmates have good grip, and could climb really good. Only a few of them, fell out of his pant legs. But they were still getting higher up his legs. It wasn’t long before they were to his thigh. Ashton’s friend Asia came over to his side and talked to him.
“I’m sorry about this Ashton,” she apologized.
“What’s that supposed to mean?” Ashton wondered.
“About this. . .” Asia said. She was implying what was happening to him right now.
“So you knew about this?” Ashton said a little angrily.
“Well... yes,” Asia sighed. Ashton picked her up so that she could tell him what was happening. It was very easy for him to pick her up. She felt like she weighed nothing. As Ashton was closing in on Asia, all she could see was giant, long fingers engulfing her. Ashton brought her up to his face.
“So why are they doing this to me? They know who I am,” Ashton questioned.
“I tried to tell them not to, but they wanted to sabotage you by climbing up your pants and shirt. They think that you’re an extraterrestrial being because of how big you are,” Asia explained.
“That’s ridiculous!” Ashton yelled.
“I know! I tried to tell them not to and that you were and good person. They obviously didn’t buy it,” Asia said.
Ashton gives off a small moan as his classmates continued to explore his legs and continued to tickle him. One of his classmates popped his head out of The top of Ashton’s pants.
“Guys look! I found a way out!” he yelled back to the others.
“Oh I don’t think so!” Ashton yelled to them. “If you want to sabotage me, then you’ll sabotage me!”
“Ashton, don’t do anything dumb,” Asia said.
“Oh I won’t, don’t worry,” Ashton said mischievously.
Ashton pushed his classmate back into his pants and shut his pants. He grabbed the tape from his teachers desk and sealed off all entry and exit from his pants. Ashton taped off his pant leg holes and then put of hands on his hips so that his classmates wouldn’t be able to get out of his pants. They didn’t know that he sealed off every exit, so they continued to roam around Ashton’s legs. Ashton liked it now. He was glad that they were doing this. He hasn’t felt this good in a while.
“I said to not do anything dumb Ashton!” Asia yelled.
“I didn’t,” Ashton said, “I’m just allowing me to sabotage me. It actually feels good. It just tickles a lot, and I mean A LOT.” Asia didn’t know how to respond to this. Ashton could see lumps in his pants moving around. These were his classmates. Every once in a while he would trap one of those lumps in between his fingers so that they couldn’t move around, but Asia told him to let them go.
The end-of-lunch school bell rang. Ashton finally let his classmates out of his pants, but he sat crisscross. Ashton puts his hands on the outside part of his pant legs so that his classmates had to exit into his crisscrossed legs. Ashton gives out a little moan of pleasure as his classmates leave both of his pant legs. After about five minutes, all of his classmates, including Asia, was stuck in Ashton’s leg cage.
“So, how was it roaming around in my pants?” Ashton teased.
“Fun!” his classmate Vince said.
“That was not fun!” another one of his classmates, Joel said punching Vince in the arm.
“Aww, so you don’t want to do it again?” Ashton asked. Everyone shook their head no.
Asked sighs, “Well okay then, but now I’ve trapped you guys in my leg cage. You guys have to find a way out or all of you go in my shirt, just like you wanted.”
“Well how are we supposed to do that?! You legs are like six feet tall!” exclaimed David.
“You’re loss. You’ll have to find a new way out. You could always climb back into my pants. . .” Ashton implied. Everyone shook their head in discomfort saying that they don’t want to back into his pants.
Ashton’s “friend” Ava walked up to his feet and out her ands on them. Ashton wiggled his toes.
Ava thought to herself. I wonder what would happen if I rubbed his feet? She rubbed Ashton’s giant feet. As she was doing this, he started to move them. Ava walks over to David and tells him what she found out.
Ava whispered to David and the rest of the class, “Guys, tickle Ashton’s feet and we can tickle them into moving out of the way.”
“Good idea,” Asia whispered back. “He is very ticklish.”
“And how do you know that?” Vince questioned.
“Because he gave a small moan when you guys were roaming around his pants weirdos,” Asia whispered. Vince gave a disgusted look. Asia and the rest of Ashton’s classmates walk to his humongous feet
“What are you doing there?” Ashton wondered.
“NOW!” David yelled. At his cue, everyone starting rubbing and tickling Ashton’s feet. Ashton could hold his laughing back. He gave out a loud laugh. It was so loud, that it shook the room a little. Ashton’s legs moved out of the way allowing for his classmates to escape.
“Whoo! That was good. You found the cage’s weakness, good job,” Ashton congratulated.
The top of Ashton’s back was now touching the ceiling of the classroom. The room has shrank so much that Ashton has to lay down to fit in the room. As Ashton is repositioning himself, a shadow appears on top of everyone. Ashton was so big that, he takes up almost all of the room.
The final school bell rang at 3:00. Everyone rushes to the door in hopes to escape Ashton’s reign. However, Ashton quickly moves his hand to cover the door. Actually, it was his fingers that blocked the open door. His fingers were so long that he could do this. Everyone tries to push Ashton’s fingers out of the way, but it was no use. They couldn’t escape.
“Hey, me first,” Ashton said, “You should always let the biggest out the door first. Who is that? Oh that’s me.”
Everyone stepped out of the way. Ashton repositions himself again so that has is standing on his knees. Now, Ashton can only fit his arm out the door. Ashton sticks his long arm out of the door and stops a ton of kids in their tracks. Everyone looks into the room and sees that the giant arm was attached to giant thighs. Everyone in the hallway stops and backs up as Ashton sticks his head out of the door. Ashton grunts as he tries to pull himself out of the door. Cracks started to form in the wall and then suddenly, the wall burst open. The wall was now big enough for Ashton to scoot out of the classroom. With all of his classmates to the other side of the room, Ashton repositions himself once again so that he was laying down. Ashton then crawls out of the room saying “hi” to everyone in the hallway. Everyone is the hallway was shocked. They did not know how to comprehend a real life giant.
Ashton continues to crawl through the hallway trying to leave the tight school building. He has little room to crawl around, unlike his classmates in his pants. As Ashton crawls through the hallway, kids don’t get out of the at and fall in his shirt. At the moment, he has at least 100 kids in his shirt. They scrabble around in his shirt running his stomach, tickling him.
Suddenly, the school building gives a loud creak. Ashton stops crawling because he thought he was causing it. This gave David, behind Ashton’s legs, to tell everyone behind him to crawl into Ashton’s pant legs to get in front of giant Ashton. Ashton’s legs were now at least 20 feet long, so Ashton could not hear everyone behind him running into both of his pant legs. Ashton finally realized what was happening when he got a tickle feeling on both of his calves. There was nothing that he could do. There was a clear path for everyone is his pant legs to move around with no interruption. Ashton couldn’t turn around to stop them from entering his pants. This time, the feeling felt like a person gently rubbing your foot with their hand. It also felt like millions of ants crawling up your legs. Ashton just tried to keep moving forward.
Ashton’s school had about 5,500 kids in it in total. This is because his school held high school, middle school, and elementary school. His school didn’t have good structure either. There was only one exit, the one everyone was at, so all 5,500 student flood that was to leave school for the day. About 10 minutes about David told everyone to go into Ashton’s pants, almost all of the kids in the school were stuck in his pants (except for he ones in front of him and that was only about 15 people). That means that 5,485 students were crawling inside of Ashton’s pants. Ashton was staring to lose feeling in his legs and feet from all of the tickling. The thing was, once everyone was inside of Ashton’s pants, the tape on his pants sealed back shut. So everyone was trapped inside of his pants crawling on his legs. Many people were starting to make their way up into Ashton’s shirt. They were trying to hand onto his stomach to climb up and out of his shirt. That did not work. He skin was too slippery and they had nothing to hang on to. So once they got far up his stomach, they would just fall to the bottoms of Ashton’s shirt and pile up. His shirt was tucked into his pants from back in the classroom, so that exit was also a no-go. And Ashton couldn’t reach his shirt to untuck it. His arms were too long to move around in the hallway.
Ashton’s was starting to think that kids weren’t trying to get out anymore. He thought that they were just exploring his body. He could feel people rubbing and jumping, like a bouncy house, on his legs instead of constant walking or crawling.
A 7th grader named Corey was stuck in Ashton’s pants. He was one who was actually trying to get out. Occasionally, he would look up to Ashton’s giant legs. He was fascinated with giant things, especially people. All he could see was skin. There were spot where you could stand up being there was slack in Ashton’s pants, but even there, all you see was Ashton’s giant legs. Most of the time, Ashton’s pants were pressed tightly against his legs because of all of the people inside of them. There wasn’t much standing room, so there was much crawling.
A 10th grader named Steel was stuck in Ashton’s shirt. He was trying to use his rock climbing skills to climb up Ashton’s shirt. It was no use, because there was nothing to hold on to. So, Steel had to wrap his body around Ashton’s stomach and sort of scooch himself up Ashton’s slippery skin. Steel got halfway up Ashton’s stomach, but lost his grip and fell down, again.
Ashton keeps crawling down the narrow hallway when he heard another creaking sound. He stops crawling and tries to see where the sound is coming from. Suddenly, Ashton could feel his body being pushed on. He picks his head up, but smacks his head on the ceiling.
“Ow!” Ashton screams. “What is going on? I was able to stick my head up before.”
Ashton then sees the lockers to his right start to get lower to the ground. He assumed the school was shrinking again. But, the shrinking was fast. It just happened, unlike the last times where they were gradual over a period of time. He could feel his hips being pushed against the walls of the hallway. His butt allowed for a little moving room of his torso so that nobody was squished between his body. Ashton didn’t know how much more ticking he could take. He was starting to lose feeling in his stomach because of all the tickling. Ashton’s feet were the height and width of the hallway. His heels were touching the ceiling and his feet were wedged between the walls of the hallway making a blockade. His toes knocked over some backpacks as the shrinking was happening, but he couldn’t feel it. All Ashton felt was things being wedged between his toes. Ashton was stuck. He couldn’t move anymore. He was basically pinned down by the ceiling of the school. Though, the kids in his shirt didn’t know of how small the school was (not that they could tell because they shrank with it). Everyone in his shirt continued to climb up his stomach trying to get out. Ashton thinks that everyone in his pants lost hope of escaping. He could feel a lot of people bouncing on his legs. He could also feel many people using the backside of his knee as a slide. Ashton could feel people sliding down his thigh to his calf and falling down to his pants, and then climbing back up again. What could Ashton do, nothing.
What felt like an eternity later, Ashton heard another creaking sound. He assumed the school was shrinking again. This time, the school shrank a lot. Ashton was now definitely pinned down. His butt couldn’t prevent it this time. It was a miracle the school could fit him. Now, everyone on top of his legs were pinned down there. Same with everyone underneath his legs and in his shirt. They were too pinned against Ashton’s body. They were wiggling a lot, which tickled Ashton a lot. At this point, Ashton didn’t care if he was being tickled. He could really even feel it. His legs and stomach had lost feeling when everyone was climbing him.
After the last shrink, Ashton feet broke free, but were then pinned against one door going into the next building. His head has pinned against the exit doors. Ashton’s whole body was as long as the school hallway, though he was bending his knees and neck a little. Ashton just sat there until the next shrink happened.
20 minutes later another shrink happened. Ashton had to lay there, pinned down in the hallway, for 20 minutes. This new shrinking was very strange. At first, it was a one-and-done thing, but then it started to slowly shrink like it did at the beginning of the day. Slowly Ashton’s body was being scrunched closer together. Now, his legs were bent so much that they were starting to break the walls of classrooms. Ashton grunts as his head is slowly being pushed against the hard metal exit doors. He could feel the ceiling pressing down on his legs. It was crazy that the hallway hasn’t burst open yet. Just then, the doors that was holding Ashton’s feet broke open with a loud bang. Ashton’s feet were now in the cafeteria. He still didn’t have very much room. His toes were just barely touching the ceiling of the lunchroom (which was a lot bigger than the hallway). The school was still shrinking. Soon, Ashton’s feet were being bent because his heels were touching the doors of the other side of the cafeteria and his toes were being crunched against the ceiling of the cafeteria.
Suddenly, there was another big boom. Ashton’s head burst through the exit doors and his feet burst the other cafeteria doors. He was now looking into the bright blue sky. Nobody in this clothes knew that though. They were still shrinking and roaming around Ashton’s huge body. His feet were now touching the other side of the school. His legs were so long now, that his feet are able to touch the west walls of the school and his head is outside the east side of the school. The school was still holding up well, however it was still shrinking now at a faster rate. Ashton’s knees were in the cafeteria and were touching the walls. His toes were also starting to be crunched as Ashton’s foot takes up all of the west wall’s area. Ashton was starting to actually feel pain. His torso was so squished that it was hurting him. When suddenly, the building made its final shrink. At that moment, Ashton’s feet burst out the west side of the school and the hallway finally gave way. Ashton had officially outgrow his school. Ashton slid his feet back into the school and out the east part of the building. Ashton the stood up.
“Woah, this place is so small,” Ashton said. “Everything only goes to my ankle. It’s cool!” Ashton then pulls off the tape from his pants and thousands of kids come falling from his pant legs. He also opened the top of his pants so that the people stuck in his shirt could slide down his leg back down to the ground.
“Ooh.. that feels weird,” Ashton said as everyone slides down his legs. After everyone is on the ground Ashton looks around the area.
“Oh look,” Ashton said pointing to the flock of people coming towards him. The whole city of Draper came over to Ashton to see his giant self, and that was about 48,000 people. The streets were full of people. It really only looked like ants to Ashton, so he was careful where he stepped. Ashton then puts his hands on the ground and bends down to look at all of the tiny people. Everyone starts to swarm onto his hand so he picks up his hand and shakes everyone off. A man over a megaphone starts talking.
“Ashton Myler, on behalf of the Untied States military, you have to come with us,” the man said.
“Why?” Ashton asked, “You are as big as my toe. I should have to do anything.”
“You will come with us or we will bring you by force,” the man warned.
“Nah, I think I’ll stay here,” Ashton teased.
“Okay then, we will now use force you,” the man said. The military men started to get their guns ready. Ashton was starting to have second thoughts.
“Charge!” The commander screamed. At his signal, all of the military personnel charged at Ashton. He felt spa bit scared when they were pointing their guns at him. He was starting to back up until the got to his foot. The military men were punching and shooting at his foot. It really all felt like a massage. Some men even climbed his foot and starting climbing his leg. That he did feel. After all of the tickling inside the school, his legs and stomach had become very sensitive.
“Oh yeah. I forgot that you can’t harm me. I literally tower over you. My pinky is a small building to you,” Ashton laughed.
The military men were very good at climbing. They got to Ashton’s stomach in less than 20 minutes. Once they got there, the began to use suction cups to climb Ashton’s steep stomach. That was smart. When Ashton felt the suction cups on his stomach, he reached into his shirt and pulled out the military men. Ashton looked at them and put them down his pants to slide down his legs to the ground.
“Sir, nothing is working. Once we get to his stomach he just picks us off and puts us back down his pants to slide down his leg back down here,” an officer said.
“He thinks this is amusing. Alright, call on SM69. This should get his attention,” the commander said.
“SM69!” The commander nodded. The officer got on the phone and called one of the tanks.
“Commander says to launch SM69 at the boy’s legs,” the officer says over the phone.
“Yes sir,” the tanker responds. “Ready... aim... FIRE!” The tank fires a missile right at the back of Ashton’s legs.
“Ouch!” Ashton screams. This makes Ashton fall over into the street with arms spread out in each direction and his legs out straight. The military men are ready and then throw cables over Ashton’s wrists and ankles to prevent him from moving. Ashton’s pain goes away within a second. It only felt like him smacking his head on the ceiling.
“He has big feet doesn’t he,” Ava said to Asia.
“Yes he does,” Asia replies.
The commander then sprints over to Ashton’s foot and gets ready to climb it.
“Be careful sir,” the officer says.
“I will. I’m just inspecting this giant kid,” the commander responds.
The commander throws a grapple hook over Ashton’s foot an pod hooks it onto his middle toe. He then begins the trek up Ashton’s foot. Ashton feels this and begins to wiggle his foot, thinking it is his classmates tickling him again. Once the commander reaches Ashton’s pant leg, he climbs in. Crawling on Ashton’s giant, long leg he looks for any trace of potion, illegal experiment, or anything that looks out of the ordinary that would have made him so big. The commander continues his trek up Ashton’s leg until he reaches his thigh. Ashton knows that someone is crawling on his leg, so he shakes his leg to try and get them out. Nothing affects the commander because he is tight against Ashton’s leg. He continues his long journey up Ashton’s thigh.
“My gosh this kid. He has nothing out of the ordinary. Not even much leg hair. He must be very ticklish,” the commander said to himself. "I wonder why his legs are twitching." Ashton’s legs were twitching because his legs were so sensitive from all the kids in his clothes when he was trapped on the school.
The commander reaches Ashton's stomach after about 15 minutes of bear-crawling on Ashton's leg. Ashton's shirt has enough slack in it for the commander to be able to run up his stomach. So, the commander stands up and starts running across Ashton's stomach. Ashton, still tied down, feels a weird sensation on his stomach, and it was climbing up. He tries to move around to stop the weird feeling, but it was no use. The feeling continued up his stomach. When the commander reached Ashton's 6-pack he stopped. The commander decided to examine Ashton's six-pack. He gets down on all fours and takes out his examining kit. Ashton feels a very strong tickle feeling on his stomach where his six-pack is. He tries to get free but can't. Ashton moves his hands around, but is only able to get cars stuck in between his fingers. Ashton is forced to suffer through the feeling. The commander found nothing on Ashton's six-pack so he runs again. Ashton looks down to his stomach and sees a small lump riding up his shirt and to his face. When the commander pops out of Ashton's shirt, he talks to him.

"What were you doing in my clothes you weirdo?" Ashton questioned the commander.
"I was looking for any sign of an illegal experiment that would have made you this big," the commander responds. "Now tell me what happened."
"I don't know what happened. Yesterday I woke up taller, I just thought I had grown the night before. This morning I woke up and I smacked my head on the ceiling of my house. My clothes didn't shrink. When I got to school, I had to walk in the hallways with my back to the ceiling because I was so big. Towards lunch time, I had to sit on the floor with my neck bent a little because of how big I was," Ashton explained. "At the end of the day I was too big to fit in the hallways of the school and I had to crawl out of the school, but the school shrank on me. The school shrank around me and pinned me to the floor. My feet were able to break free but were then stuck on the west side of the school with my head touching the east side of the building. And then The school shrank too much around me and I was able to get out."
"Hmm..." the commander hummed. "Anything else?"
"Well... before the school shrank around me in the hallway, all 5,500 students went into my pants and shirt just like you did. I assumed they were trying to sabotage me like my classmates did at lunch time," Ashton explained. "At lunch time, my classmates did the same thing all 5,500 students did at the end of the day."
As all of this is happening, David comes up with an evil. He convinces everyone, all 5,500 students and all 48,000 Draper citizens, to climb inside of Ashton's pants. Once everyone is inside of his pants, David and his group of friends tape up the pant holes. Others from his group tuck in Ashton's shirt so that no one could escape. David and his group of people have the evil though of torturing Ashton by jumping on his stomach, legs, and sliding down them. Everyone was amazed by Ashton's legs. The little light that was shining on them made the people think that his legs were huge building. About half of the group stayed back and climbed Ashton's legs. Once they got to the top, they were jumping on his legs like they were trampolines. Some even slid down his legs the climbed back up and did it again. The other half of the group went into Ashton's shirt. They were also astonished by the skyscraper of Ashton's stomach. Most people started to climb his stomach, but fell right back off because it was too steep. Ashton feels all of this, but can't do anything about it. It feels like millions of ants swarming his legs and stomach and covering every part of them. He just tries to wiggle his body just enough so that everyone inside of his clothes would fall off of him and so that the commander wouldn't notice.
"So you think the world is shrinking?" the commander questioned.
"Yeah," Ashton said.
Suddenly feels his arms and his legs being pinned together.
"Sir, I can't move my arms and legs anymore" says Ashton.
"Yeah, we have you strapped down by the wrists and ankles," the commander said.
"No, the houses are covering my arms and legs. I think the town has shrank again," Ashton explains.
"Uh huh," the commander says not convinced. "Before we strapped you down, your feet were able to fit in the streets, and they still do. I think you're growing some how."
"I am not!" Ashton yells, "I'll show you."
Ashton uses all of his strength to break one of his hand free from the restraints. Ashton picks up the commander and sets him on the ground. The commander was half as big as Ashton's pinky finger, so picking him up was a breeze. Ashton then unties his wrists and feet. When he stands up, he gets a lot of drag. He forgot that everyone was in his clothing. He didn't realize that EVERYONE was inside his clothes. He thought that it was just his classmates trying to play with him. Ashton also didn't realize that the exits to his clothing were shut. So once he stood up, everyone was sliding down his legs and stomach. This gave Ashton a really weird feeling but he liked it. Ashton gave out a small moan of satisfaction as all of this is happening. He also has to stand in a weird position because he could feel some people stuck near his crotch area. Because the exits were sealed shut, clumps of people were starting to from around his ankles and his lower stomach. Ashton tries to move, but can't because of the weight of the people. The weight of the people were preventing him from lifting his legs to walk. Suddenly, everything shrinks again. Ashton could see the houses on the road slowly come closer to his feet. He had to drag his foot behind the other so that he could fit in the road. Soon, Ashton's feet were squished in the road, and he couldn't move because of all the people in his pants.
The commander says, "Boys, we got him."
Immediately after the commander says this, Ashton gets a pain on his face. Then again. Then, he hears a loud voice in his ear.
"WAKE... UP... ASHTON!!!!" He wakes up.
"Huh, what's going on?" Ashton says confused.
"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!" All of his family says. Ashton looks at his body. He was back to normal size.
"Thanks..." Ashton said.
"Come downstairs. Grandma and grandpa came to celebrate your birthday!" Payton said.
"Okay. I'll be down in a minute," Ashton replied. Everybody leaves the room. While he was alone, Ashton looks down his shirt, then down his pants. He is looking for little people, crawling on his legs and stomach. There was nothing.
Ashton realized, "Must have been a dream."
"I must have liked it a lot," Ashton said looking at his alarm clock.
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