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The problems Biden will face as President
Assumption: If Joe Biden wins the election.

I did not vote for Joe Biden. I think the effects of age have taken a toll on his cognitive abilities. The Presidency of the United States is the hardest job in the country.

Next is how much political capitol does the hopeful have to offer. For example, President Obama spent way too much of his capital on the Affordable Care Act. It was so poorly conceived and written that it turned into a quagmire that swallowed up any hope of Obama's lasting legacy as president. It became a fixation and prevented him from doing other things he could have accomplished easily with control of the House and Senate.

I have seen the same squandering of economic and political capital in Biden's bid for winning the 2020 Presidential Election.

Look at some of the bad political investments the Democrats have made over the past five years.

1. They vested the faith of the American people in the Print and Network media. With the Exception of Fox News, and a minute number of print Newspapers, print and network news outlets like the Washington Post and ABC, NBC, CBS and CNN, have led a scorched earth policy of negativity that has rewritten the rules of fair and balanced reporting and led to an acceptance of "Yellow Journalism" as the new norm. These "Fake News Outlets" have chosen an adversarial role with a heavy bias towards the Democrats. They have tried to redefine the term "Journalism." As a result of their omissions and commissions half of all Americans don't believe a word they say. In addition the Fake polls they commission are so unbelievable that it takes an election to show how far off the mark they are. For example on the eve of the election the Washington Post predicted Biden was ahead of Trump in Wisconsin by seventeen points. It was a race that Biden won by barely a percentage point.

2. Hillary's pact with the Russian's to produce the "Fake Dossier" that led to the Muller investigation.

3. The Lois Learner and the IRS scandal.

4. Bengazi.

5. Comey/McCabe FBI scandal, spying on Trump associates. Lying to the FISA courts.

6. The impeachment fiasco

7. The Cavanaugh confirmation hearings and the outrageous allegations of his sexual misconduct in High School.

8, Takeover of the Democratic Party by the Radical Left. The rise of Socialism.

9. Alienating Law enforcement/ Encouraging their base to loot and riot across the country in a bid to stir up political unrest.

10. Getting the "Robert's Vote" approved by the Supreme Court giving them the opportunity to fabricate false ballots to close the difference between what the election results showed and what they needed to win in key battleground states. Early voting was a lapse in common sense and jurisprudence. Justice Roberts is blind to the Democrat's ongoing efforts to subvert our Democracy.

11. Hunter Biden's Laptop.

12. The Republicans becoming the party of the working class, and the hope for minorities everywhere.

These are hurdles and baggage the Democrats bring to the table. It is a record that gives new meaning to the proposition that the ends justify the means. Means are important... they used to a moral imperative. The words of Harry Reed come to mind when he lied about Mitt Romney's Taxes..."Well, it worked didn't it?" he quipped. The media has been all in since Trump came down the escalator and complicate in covering up the Democrat's miserable track record.

Trump has taught the Republicans how to fight and realize they need to quit acting like "Jelly Donuts."He showed his base how to break the chokehold that Democrats have on minorities. Credible Black voices are speaking up on the injustice of herding blacks into the government projects and ghettos in many of our urban centers. Credible black voices are questioning the abortion question where forty percent of black pregnancies are terminated. The cheek of the Democrats is mind boggling. They promote the genocide of their own political base. Had it not been for Democratic support of Planned Parenthood there would be twice as many black voters today. Is that unbelievable or what? The Democrats are still the party of Slavery, and only the chains have taken a different form. Black Americans are awakening to the shameless pandering of Democrats who trot them out on election day and forget about them the rest of the year. Only the chains have changed from iron shackles to economic handcuffs. Blacks are told if they support a Republican they'll lose their welfare check and food stamps.

The Democrats view other minorities as Blacks with a different hue. This is not being lost on other minority Americans who are gradually starting to wake up. In Florida the Democrats failed to grasp the difference between a Cuban, a Porto Rican, A Venezuelan and a Hispanic. Their view on minorities is that one shoe fits all and assume that minorities coming to the United States are automatically going to flock to the Democratic Party. Guess what? Minorities coming to the United State are looking for the American Dream a big part of which is economic prosperity. All the Democrats have to offer is Socialism. Many immigrants are well versed on what this failed type of political system is all about. The Democrats have awakened a sleeping giant. Trump has boldly pointed to where the soft underbelly of the evil dragon is and where the missing scales are located.

So where does this leave Joe if he gets elected? It leaves him with a morally bankrupt victory and surrounded by outside interests who have hidden agenda's and great expectations." There is a swarm of these circling vultures. China, Hunter, George Soros and Silicon Valley brought much to light and the moguls threw money at this election with unprecedented zeal. Does Hollywood, offshore money and tech industry millionaires have the best interests of Americans at heart? You tell me, but what I do know is that it will be payback time for the Republicans and leave half of all Americans believing the Democrats stole the election. It will delegitimize the Biden Presidency from day 1.

Trump will emerge as the Great American Hope who was treated dreadfully by the Democrats who finally got their wish. He will leave on a high note with a legacy for getting things done under the most impossible of conditions. We will look back on his term as one which broke the mold and changed the political landscape. He will become a political folk hero on parr with Washington and Lincoln.

It is more a loss than a victory for the Democrats. They are now going to have to produce more than platitudes. The Republicans were able to close the gap in the House and hold onto the Senate. Nancy Pelosi will not find the going as easy as she did last term.

Joe will become increasingly isolated and surrounded by those who have a deep and abiding hatred for his party and everything he stands for. The Republicans will denigrate his platform and everything he tries to accomplish. There will be no letting bygones be bygones, reaching across the isle, kissing and making up. The Democrats wrote the playbook on obstructionism and they can expect to see these tactics used against them. Affable Joe is in for a rough ride if the Democrats succeed in their election bid. In the midterms the Republicans will return with a vengeance and Biden will be left standing with a record of more corruption and failure. Ironically his only hope will be to strike a deal with Mitch McConnell if he expects to get anything done during the next four years. Such a deal will come with a price... and best of all, guess who will be back in 2024 with the quip, "Did You Miss Me America?"
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