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The power to heal your life lies within, a unique rainbow in sunshine.
In the center of a broken heart
flutters a rainbow of emotions.
To suffer loss, one once felt devotion.
Feelings are a kaleidoscope of life.
The kitten cry of a freshly born babe,
blue cord pulses with each heartbeat,
clamp and cut, a new life begins in the pink.

Tumbling through exciting years,
journey of firsts, a parade of self pride.
Hunger to learn how the world works;
fall down, bounce up, love kisses hurts.
Black hearted people carry wounds.
Paint them caution yellow, turn another way.
Remember stop signs, green is go, grow, play.

Growing up, a roller coaster ride.
Heart races, upset stomach, shaky hands,
hours spent thinking, will they see me?
A shy smile in return is liquid sunshine.
Change comes, brings green with envy.
Heartbreak young, a Shakespearean sonnet.
Juliet’s bloody roses, Romeo's beauty stone cold.

Red and blue love affairs come and go,
riding life's train of time too fast.
College, career, marriage, children,
cars, house mortgage, lots of fluff.
Stumbling blocks, crazy clock,
little time to care for important stuff.
Fear or embrace empty nest, time for yourself.

Examine a past, brutal honesty is brave.
Better to stick with fuzzy gentle photographs.
Stories, add sugar and spice, gives grace.
Growing older, wiser to weed out dark places.
Find peace, beautiful memories ring true.
Love ourselves enough for an open heart,
met challenges of life, no more feeling blue.

By Kathie Stehr
Feb 8, 2021

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