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A reflection is what we want to see, not truth or reality. What do we each hide?
"Beyond Reflection"

How much of what we see is not reality?
Who hides behind masks of integrity?
None of us always reflect inner truth, do we?
Imagine a reaction if our conscience was free to see.

Shy smile sells millions with image.
Stones fall from a pearly white mouth.
Words harm innocents in our nation’s village.
Enter no garden snake, but a cottonmouth.

Beautiful bouquets appear in gardens,
possibly grown in tainted earth.
Poison can be disguised as charming.
Stolen wealth disguised, deadly worth.

A glance in a pond reveals our reflection.
Gentle wind, a rock thrown in, duck paddles;
ripples across a moment in time, change direction.
Clock hands move, our truth unravels.

Maybe it costs an entire lifetime to become real.
Each time I study myself, I often wish to flee.
Perhaps water did reveal the one I need to conceal.
Truly, a chameleon can enable us to survive.

By Kathie Stehr

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