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by Norman
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He swore it was a big wind
My name is Norman Nosy
I’m with the Hometown News
I am their star reporter
In search of news and clues

I’m in a place call Pigtown
Last population three
No more than those three houses
As far as I can see

There’s only one left standing
The other two are flat
They look like they’ve been blown down
I don’t know what caused that

That one house is a stout house
Built out of sturdy brick
The other two that were destroyed
Were made of straw and sticks

No wonder they had blown down
They had no strong support
I took a photograph or two
And started my report

I interviewed this wolf guy
Who said he saw it all
While strolling through the neighborhood
He saw those houses fall

He swore it was a big wind
That blew out of the west
The brick house was the only one
That passed that windy test

The two pigs who had lived there
Whose houses had come down
Were jumping up and down outside
And running all around

The third pig from the brick house
Came out with all the fuss
The other two yelled at the wolf
And they began to cuss

They said it was the wolf’s fault
Their houses had blown down
He huffed and puffed and puffed again
And they fell to the ground

The wolf stood by his statement
That he was passing by
He couldn’t blow down any house
Why would he even try?

I’m not sure what had happened
But one thing I am sure
The way that wolf looked at the pigs
Shook me right to my core

But I didn’t stick around there
The paper cannot wait
I had to file my story soon
Or else I’d be too late

The three pigs and the wolf stood
And argued without pause
The wolf said he was innocent
That he was not the cause

Those houses were not built well
Yeah, anyone could see
The third pig said let’s go inside
And have a cup of tea

I still have some misgivings
And maybe you’ll agree
But I’ll go home to eat my lunch
My favorite - BLT

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