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A short little love story
The Sun for so long watched how cold, and alone the Moon sat.

Love began to grow for the Moon. The more love grew, the more the Sun yearned to ease the Moon's discomfort.

Time passed, and a deep passion began burning at Sun's core for the Moon. This passion turning into a growing ball of fire, one which began consuming its very being, very existence, to a point where this love for the Moon could no longer be held within.

With a great ardent explosion, suddenly the Sun burst, and left no space throughout the entire Galaxy untouched. An all engulfing radiance, powerful enough to reach far enough out to embrace the Moon, warming it with all of its magnificence. The Moon had never once in its entire existence felt such love and warmth. Its joy was so great that it begun to spin around and around, bathing itself in the Suns warming embrace.

From that moment on, the Moon never again felt coldness, or alone, as it glowed with love from and for the Sun. To this day, the Sun continues to radiate its love for the Moon in all of its splendor, content in seeing the Moon glow.

Over time all the other planets, feeling the Sun's radiance, were drawn to its source. Each placed itself in Sun's orbit, and began basking in this love and warmth.

Every living organism searches and longs for love. And so it is that Love continues to grow and spread throughout existence. It finds a way to wherever, for whatever, and for whomever searches for it.
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