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by Kitbok
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We have this life because God blessed us.

"God blessed them and God said to them, "Be fruitful and multiply; fill the earth and subdue it......" Gen.1:28

God created humans in His image,
It's too broad to comprehend,
And another matchless message,
"God blessed them."

Think a little deep,
Find the real meaning,
The richness of these words,
To have a life with God's blessing.

Be fruitful in love not in hate,
Be fruitful in joy not in sorrow,
Be fruitful in peace not in enmity,
Be fruitful in generosity,
Be fruitful in patience and in kindness,
Be fruitful in faithfulness,
Be fruitful in gentleness,
And also in self-control.

Multiply your talent,
Multiply your faith,
Multiply your wisdom.
Multiply your kindness,
Multiply your good deeds,
And all the blessings of God,

Fill your heart with the love of God,
Fill the world with the goodness of the Lord,
Fill your day with great and beautiful things,
Fill your life with meaningful living.

Subdue the urge of lustfulness,
Subdue the power of temptation,
Subdue the world of darkness,
Live your life to overcome.

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