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A saga of a dragon named Gulp in a massive fanfic crossover.
The story will be described in multiple teaser articles and written through gifting to me. This first installment is written for free to give insight into my character and what drives him.

Gulp DragonDawn is the most ancient and powerful of all mortal dragonkind. But he is fatherly, kind, and sympathetic. Despite being as large as a galaxy clustor and a Cosmic, he prefers to appear in humble size and use his powers for his friends. Protective of all he is fond of, especially the creative humans, he oversaw everything in a utopia universe alongside his mate Yani. All that changed when the Slayers appeared...

A cult of unknown origin and goal, human and yet not, they slaughtered all, but the Cosmic King. His powers useless, he mourns the death of all he swore to protect. The memory of his mate dying in the last stand dominates his mind. Yani's death wish echoes, "We will live again when all humans and dragons coexist in peace, but untill then may our souls fuel your powers and may those most loyal to you reflect their dragon sized heart. Go where and when you are needed as yourself in many forms Protector." Thus begins his new lives.

Continued in Alagasia story arc.

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